Get Normal Delivery Tips From Best Lady Doctor In Tirunelveli

Best Lady Doctor In Tirunelveli, Normal Delivery

Obstetrics and gynecology is the medical specialty that focuses on the female reproductive system and its disorders. The field includes subspecialties in maternal-fetal medicine, neonatology, and reproductive endocrinology. Obstetricians are physicians who specialize in obstetrics, while gynecologists are physicians who specialize in women’s health. The Best Lady Doctor In Tirunelveli is Dr.Ashika, she has many years of experience in this field. She provides high-quality services to his patients at affordable prices.

The best lady doctor in Tirunelveli for normal delivery is Dr.Ashika. She is the only lady doctor in Tirunelveli who can deliver a baby without any complications and any side effects.

She is best known for her excellent work as a gynecologist, obstetrician, and pediatrician in Tirunelveli and all over Tamil Nadu. She has delivered more than 10,000 babies successfully; she has attended to more than 50,000 pregnant women with no complications or side effects; she has performed more than 2,500 cesarean sections with zero mortality rate, and she has attended to more than 5,000 cases of neonatal care with zero mortality rates as well.

Tips For Normal Delivery By Dr, Ashika,

The following are tips on how to have a normal delivery.

  1. Drink plenty of water before your delivery
  2. Eat a light meal before your delivery
  3. Avoid spicy food and drink
  4. Take it easy on the day of the delivery
  5. Avoid heavy lifting or exercise before and after your delivery

Reasons For C-section Delivery

There are many reasons for a woman to have a C-section. The most common reason is that the baby’s head is too big and can’t fit through the birth canal. Sometimes, babies get stuck in the birth canal and need help coming out. If a woman has had previous C-sections, it’s more likely that she will have another one. If you’re having your first baby, you might not know what to expect.


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