Forklift Trip Points That You Should Know


Falling due to a trip is very common, and we see it daily. We all focus on the task so much that we often ignore our external conditions and are subject to severe trip hazards. If this is the condition of an average man, then industries like material handling are always subject to severe falls and trips. In some cases, this tripping can also take the lives of many. Hence, be it a multi-directional or Combilift sideloader, it is essential to know the potential tripping point to prevent dangerous falls. Therefore, below are the possible forklift trip points you should know to avoid trip hazards.


Steps are the most common tripping point despite home or forklift. You enter and exit through these steps at least a hundred times a day in a forklift. So, the tripping may occur at any time during your work. Thus, ensure that you are aware of the

  • Forklifts steps height
  • Location
  • Any changes in the elevation of steps

It is essential to consider these factors always so that there is no obstruction while you enter and exit. Similarly, abiding by these elements will also ensure you never lose balance. It would be more effective if you follow the 3-point stance posture while entering and exiting the forklift. In a 3-point stance posture, you should place your foot on the steps and hold the sides of the forklift in both hands.


The next tripping point is the pedals which include brakes and accelerators. These service brakes and accelerators are either mounted on the floor or suspended in heavy-duty machines like Combilift multi directional forklift. So, ensure whether the forklift that your forklift falls into any of these categories. Similarly, always engage your parking brakes as soon as the process completes.


The uneven floorboard in forklifts is also one of the reasons to make your trip. So, look for your floorboards, whether torn out, or any objects below that can make you fall. Similarly, check out whether the mat and floorboard are installed properly.

Hence, these are the major tripping points you should know and be aware of all the time. Hovertinc, the best supplier of heavy-duty machines like pipe handling equipment, is the right choice for your warehouse or logistics operation and reinforces the safety culture for forklift operators.


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