Features Of 4L80E Transmission Making It So Popular


Thanks to the various advancements in the automotive industry, car engine swaps are easier than ever have been in the past. People looking forward to converting their cars into performance vehicles are undergoing modifications in the engine and transmission to extract full power from the engine.

Considering the need to extract much-needed power, 4L80E automatic transmission started to become the people’s first consideration. The 4L80E transmission is an advanced progeny of the legendary TH400 automatic transmission and is based significantly on the 400 in both parts and strengths. The GM 4L80E transmission is considered the ultimate overdrive platform to suit virtually combinations that require the strongest overdrive transmission possible. For enthusiasts looking to use as much as 850 horsepower on their highest-performance vehicle, the 4L80E transmission with the varied combination is an exact choice. However, this transmission is available for any engine combination and power level.

4L80E Transmission Specifications

The 4L80E transmission is a four-speed, longitudinally-mounted transmission that is perfectly suitable for 8000 lbs of vehicle weights. Its gear ratios were 2.48, 1.48, 1.00, 0.75, and 2.07 for first, second, third, fourth, and reverse, respectively. The maximum input torque for the 4L80E transmission is 440 lbs, and the output torque comes out to be 885 ft-lbs.

While the 4L80E transmission was designed for vehicles up to 8000 lbs, the 4L85 was designed for vehicles up to 16,500 lbs. The 4L80E transmission offers several significant advantages for a wide variety of applications. The 0.75:1 overdrive ratio significantly reduces cruising RPM, helping contribute to a dramatic increase in efficiency.

Effective utilization of a lock-up converter allows you to have the best of both worlds. In addition, other robust internal components provide strength and durability that cannot be duplicated in lesser transmissions like 700R-4, 200-4R, AOD, 4R70W, etc.

The Applications

Like the TH400, the 4L80E is intended to operate between the same duty range of 4L60E and the Allison series transmission. Allison transmissions were essentially only used in the medium-duty class trucks. Because the 4L80E transmission was a TH400 successor, it found its way into significant GM applications and luxury marques, including Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Aston Martin.

* The 4L80E transmission features two-speed sensors. At the same time, one was responsible for turbine input speed, and one catered to the output speed. It utilizes the input speed sensor to monitor input speeds to compare against engine speeds and output shaft sensor speed.

* Almost all 4L80E transmission uses electronic controls, typically from Powertrain Control Module. Some vehicles also tend to have shift maps, selectable by the driver based on usage and towing.

* The transmission module is also added in 4L80E transmission, which communicates with the engine control module via the onboard vehicle CAN bus network.

* The 4L80E transmission is undoubtedly a successful OEM transmission and a terrific conversion transmission suited to the right jeep and situation. However, remember that it is a longer transmission and unsuitable for short-wheelbase jeeps.

While GM never offered 4L80E transmission with a provision for a mechanical speedometer drive, some companies provide the same. With all these options available, you must select a credible supplier, and the critical part is done automatically.


4L80E transmission is a successful transmission that enthusiasts utilize to experience the full capability of their performance vehicles. However, make sure you find a credible distributor for the same.


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