Everything To Know about Home Cinema Poster Frames

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There are several important factors to consider when choosing a Home Cinema Poster Frame. These include material, size, and weight. You can choose from wood or metal. Wood frames are generally sturdier and have a larger variety of colors. Metal frames are typically lighter, which is good for shipping and transporting posters.


Movie posters can be displayed in a wide variety of ways. You can use them to promote production companies or theaters. Or you can simply display them for your own personal use. You can choose from traditional picture frames, unique quick-change poster frames, or a variety of other choices. Below are some great options to consider for displaying your favorite movie posters.

Metal slide-in poster frames are easy-to-load and offer quick framing solutions. They’re especially suitable for advertising signs and artwork. These frames are often equipped with acrylic lens covers to keep the prints inside free of fingerprints. Another advantage of metal slide-in poster frames is that they require only basic hardware and allow you to change or replace the poster without having to remove the enclosure.


When it comes to home movie poster framing, there are two main types of material: metal and wood. Metal frames are typically stronger than wood, but they also tend to be lighter. This makes it easier to move posters from place to place. Also, metal frames are easier to replace or repair in the event of a break or damage. Wooden frames, however, are more versatile and come in a variety of colors.

One popular poster size is a twenty-seven-inch by twenty-seven-inch frame. This size is ideal for displaying large movie posters, such as double-sided 27-inch movie posters. The metal display frame also has a tight grip and is suitable for displaying movie posters.

Choosing a poster size is also important because the size of the poster should be kept in mind. Some posters are larger than others, and some are more expensive. Choosing the right frame should depend on how big your movie poster is. If it is too large, try using mats. Mats also help keep movie posters in place. However, mats are generally heavier than foam boards, so it is best to use a mat for posters that aren’t likely to be moved.

Other materials are available, such as acrylic or metal. These materials are ideal for displaying movie posters and are lightweight. They protect the posters from scratches and keep their hands off the posters. Unlike normal glass, acrylic is also lighter. However, it does not protect the poster from UV light, so it is important to be careful in placement.



If you’re looking for a stylish way to display your movie posters, consider purchasing acrylic home cinema poster frames. These frames are durable and can withstand the test of time. Unlike paper, acrylic is less likely to be damaged by light, so you can be sure your film poster is safe. Acrylic also offers UV protection, which is ideal for posters that will be on display for years to come.

The Wexel movie poster frame is made of 98% UV-protected acrylic, so you can be sure your poster is safe from fading. This frame floats your movie poster an inch off the wall, making it easy to change. It comes with a choice of gold or silver wall mounts for stability. Another benefit of this style is that it can be easily switched out when you’re tired of a movie poster.

If you’re a vintage poster collector, you’re going to be concerned about how to preserve your favorite movie posters. Old posters are particularly susceptible to the effects of sunlight, tape, and oxidation, so preserving them is essential. You can keep your vintage posters in tubes or roll them up if you’re not displaying them.

They’re lightweight and are also easy to clean and repair if damaged or broken. They’re also available in many different sizes and colors.

UV-protected glass

UV-protected glass is one of the best choices for home cinema poster frames. This material will prevent your posters from fading over time. This glass is also more expensive than normal glass. This type of glass will protect your posters from the sun and other harsh conditions. Also, it is much easier to break than normal glass, so you will need to be careful when placing the poster in Art Framers Perth.

Most home cinema poster frames are made of wood. This makes them heavier than acrylic and synthetic materials. This is mainly due to the glazing. The thickness of glass varies from 1mm to 3mm. It is approximately twice as heavy as acrylic. The thickness of the glass will affect the weight of the poster. For example, the 3mm-thick glass will weigh about seven kilograms per square meter, while acrylic weighs about three kilograms per square meter. If you are planning to hang a poster of large size, you should avoid using frames made of wood, as they may strain the frame’s weight. Aside from that, if you fall on the glass, it can get damaged.

Choosing a type of glass for home cinema poster frames can be tricky. If you’re not sure which type to choose, it is better to go with acrylic, which is lighter and cheaper to ship. However, acrylic is also more vulnerable to scratches, so you should choose one with protective covers. When cleaning acrylic, you should use a microfiber cloth only; avoid using mild soaps or detergents on it.

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Acid-free backing

If you’re going to put a poster in a home cinema poster frame, you need to choose acid-free backing material. Acid-free foam core or a 4 ply rag are the best choices. You should also mount the artwork using a hinge. Dry mounting is not recommended, as this will damage the artwork.

While regular foam board is suitable for movie posters, you should choose acid-free foam board if you have a valuable movie poster. Another option is fluted polypropylene, which is rigid and water-repellent. When framing valuable movie posters, it is advisable not to dry-mount them. If you want to mount these posters in frames, use a reversible mounting method.

Another option is to use linen-backed poster frames. These can be hinged to acid-free foam board, but you should remember to cut them down to 1/8 inch smaller than the inside dimension of the frame. Since the linen is not of intrinsic value, trimming it will not reduce the value of the poster.

Depending on the poster’s size, you might want to use glass or plexiglass for the back of the frame. While wood is generally sturdier, metal frames tend to be lighter, which is important for transportation and shipping. In addition, wooden frames are more durable than metal ones and come in a wider range of colors than metal frames.


Shipped via USPS Priority Mail in a sturdy tube. Posters will arrive in one business day. International shipping is not available for this item. Posters are shipped within the US. All posters are shipped in protective packaging. However, they will not ship in retail store tubes. To avoid damaging your posters, we recommend you purchase insurance for your posters.

Movie posters come in many sizes. The most common size is 27×40 inches. It is perfect for large movie posters. It is also a popular size for home movie theaters. SwingFrame poster frames come in a variety of finishes and profiles. SwingFrame poster frames come with a gravity lock and hinges.


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