Embrace Instagram AR filters


Instagram’s Spark AR Studio made it possible to create AR filters. AR has been a huge success since then. Some of the most popular filters have received well over 1,000,000 views.

AR filters are still very popular with younger users. However, many brands are now producing their AR filters.

Take a look at NARS cosmetics. They have a lot of filters that allow users to simulate trying on lipstick shades.

Instagram AR filters are no longer just effects you add to your face. The most popular AR filters focus on color grading and improving your video. You can add AR filters to your videos just like you would a filter to a photo.

Try creating AR video effects for your brand that let your followers experience your product or recreate your visual style. https://genuinesocialmedia.medium.com/

Make the most of Instagram’s video ads.

75% of Instagrammers say they visit sites, search, or tell friends after being inspired by a post. It is important to be familiar with the various advertisement formats on Instagram. While still a powerful platform feature, Instagram video formats are becoming a valuable tool to target a specific audience.

There are three main video formats that Instagram offers to help you create Instagram ads. Single video ads allow you to create 60-second commercials. Carousels give you more space for your message by allowing followers to swipe up for additional images or videos. Instagram Stories allows you to display pictures and videos vertically on a full-screen screen.

This step-by-step guide will provide detailed information about promoting your company on Instagram with video ads.

GIFs are worth a try.

Marketing departments should learn how to create and post GIFs, as research shows that people tend to watch videos shorter than 15 seconds.

GIFs celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017. GIFs are more popular than photos. GIFs are shared more often than JPEG and PNG formats. GIFs also cost less and take up more time than making videos.

It is also the medium that inspired Instagram to create its GIF riff, the Boomerang. This captures a sequence of stills before combing and looping them forward and backward.

These videos are sure to be worth watching, with over 1,000,000 gifs available today.

Increase website traffic by using Instagram traffic

With Instagram, you can increase your website visits by allowing one clickable link to be included in your bio.

To maximize the value of your link, offer special deals and promotions that encourage people to click through. Strong calls to action should be combined with your URL in a text overlay for images or videos.

If you have more than 10k followers, you can add a link to Instagram stories with a “Swipe up” CTA.

Remember that Instagram ads offer a call to action button for followers that can be clicked to take them to your website.

Partner with influencers to make sure your URL is promoted in their content.

To ensure that you have access to relevant traffic stats, you can use analytics software to see which Instagram content is driving traffic. This will allow you to target your campaign more effectively. 

To ‘win’ Instagram, use SEO

Although Instagram and SEO may not seem like the most obvious of companions, creating an SEO strategy for your Instagram account is crucial on this increasingly competitive platform.

Your account handle and your account name are two of the most important areas in SEO. The first is your ‘@’ domain name. This should reflect the industry in which you operate. This should be short and sweet.

Your account name appears below your profile photo and should reflect your industry and account handle. Instagram searches for words and emojis using your account name.

To get the most from this feature, you can enter your industry or keyword. This is where it’s important to consider what words people might use to search on Instagram.

Our complete guide explains optimizing SEO-friendly names and handles that increase Instagram engagement. https://genuinesocialmedia.medium.com/11-strategies-for-companies-to-increase-fans-via-facebook-and-instagram-6d86f2e9b09a

Both social media and SEO have a relationship. You want to optimize your channel’s search results for users and consider how social signals such as comments, likes, shares, and shares can impact your SEO rankings.

Although Google has not officially confirmed that social signals are part of its ranking algorithm, studies show a strong correlation between social engagement with Google rankings.


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