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Do you want to scrape movie information from IMDb, Flixster, and Rotten Tomatoes? The movie scraper I will show you is an easy-to-use tool that can gather all the data on the page without any coding knowledge. Internet Movie Database (IMDb) allows users to add and edit movie and TV show information. We can pass many parameters into their discovery API, and they will provide a JSON array of movies matching those parameters in the response. We need to get an API key and attach it to each request we make to IMDb to access the API.
Most of us already understand that manual data collection is a time-consuming and error-prone process; this task is difficult. The IMDB website does not offer a free API. If you want to collect data from IMDB, you will have to look for other ways.
To scrape data from the IMDB website, you can use the best web scrapers. This article aims to discuss some of the best scraping tools you can find to scrape the IMDB website for data.

IMDB Scraping Overview

Scraping the IMDB website is a method of extracting public data from the IMDB website using computer bots. IMDB does not provide an API for those who would like to extract data from its website. However, IMDB scrapers are very simple to use.
Like how normal web browsers work, the app will initiate and send a web request to download the page where the data of interest is located. However, instead of rendering the page’s content as a browser does, it will comb through it. The bot can find and parse the data for scraping by doing so. A database or a file is then utilized to store the Data once completed.
However, you must also keep in mind that the above method is just a way to describe how the model works. The use of IMDB scrapers (or even regular scrapers, for that matter) is more complicated. Also, remember that IMDB uses anti-bot systems to protect its data from scraping. Individual requests will be analyzed and correlated with specific indexes to confirm that they originate from genuine individuals; if the system determines that it is an act of web scraping, the user will be blocked.
Web scrapers can only scrape data if they remain undetected. Using some famous already-made IMDB scrapers makes it easy to bypass these anti-bot systems.

5 Best & Easy to Use IMDB Movie Scraper

To create a new IMDB scraper from scratch, you will need some understanding of coding. Many already made web scrapers available on the market so that you can use them. One of the best things about these already-made scrapers is that there is no need to write a single line of code, so they are perfect for non-programmers.
The tools we will be discussing in this section are the best IMDB scrapers on the market; four of these tools are free to use.
  1. ProxyCrawl

If you’re looking for IMDB scraping software, ProxyCrawl is a great choice. The new scrapper has definitely become one of the best on the market despite its relative newness.
With the visual operation, scraping data from IMDB is easy; even beginners can use it. Hence, you can rest assured knowing that the tool will deliver you the best results. Other scrapping tools do not provide the same advanced features as this scrapping tool.
If you want to scrape IMDB data, you need to specify the data of interest. Using machine learning, the scraping tool will automatically detect data of interest; this means you won’t have to keep interfering with the tool. You can use this tool on Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms.
JSON, CSV, and Excel can be used to export scraped data. It can be used on all types of websites, including those using modern platforms for native applications. You need to click a button, and you’ll be able to define the Data you want to scrape.

2.  Bright Data

Bright Data is another exceptional platform because they know what their clients need, so they have divided their features into several different categories so that you can choose to work with either all of their features right now or just a few of them.
This IMDb scraper stands out to us in that it offers proxy assistance, which is essential if you want to be able to scrape the web without fear of exposing your personal information. We do not recommend scraping any website without using a proxy, so doing everything under one roof is helpful.
Their IMDb scraping features include the data collector, which allows you to automate the process, providing you with a ton of flexibility and the fact that you don’t need any programming knowledge to utilize their features.
You can also use their search engine collector to get real user results from the search engines, and by using any keywords you want, you can do that as well.

3.  Apify IMDB Scraper

The Apify IMDB Scraper is one of the best IMDB scrapers built on top of the Apify technology platform and is one of the most effective IMDB scrapers on the market. It is important to note that since this is a scraper that runs on the NodeJS platform, you will need to be a developer to use it. Moreover, there will be no need to develop a custom scraper. When you are looking into the top IMDB scrapers, then Apify is one of the best.
The Data you’re looking for about TV shows and movies can be extracted and downloaded from IMDB. In this case, you will need to add the Apify module. Once this is done, you can proceed. However, you will first have to add proxies beforehand. The best residential proxy services are ProxyCrawl, Smartproxy, BrightData, and Apify.

4.  ParseHub

The ParseHub web scraper is one of the best if you’d like to scrape the IMDB website. There is, however, one thing you need to know as well: it’s not a specialized IMDB scraper; it’s a general scraping tool you can use to scrape the IMDB platform.
ParseHub has been designed to extract data from all websites, including those that heavily use JavaScript. A great benefit of ParseHub is that you will receive a tutorial on scraping the necessary information from the IMDB site from the support team. To learn more about scraping data from the IMDB website, click here to learn how to scrape data from the IMDB website.
Furthermore, ParseHub does not charge any fees for its services. The free plan is perfect for people on a budget. You will, of course, be provided with more features if you decide to upgrade to the paid plan.

5.  WebHarvy

There are several great IMDB scrapers on the market, but WebHarvey is one of the best. The WebHarvey scrapper is a generic web scraper similar to all the others mentioned above that can help scrape data from the IMDB website.
The tool has an intuitive interface that is easy to use. Further, you can take advantage of the variety of features it offers. Using WebHarvey, you can scrape various data from multiple pages, including categories and keywords. If you wish to scrape data from multiple websites, the automation pattern detection feature will allow you to automate your tasks. WebHarvey is also a great option if you plan to use Regular Expression.
WebHarvey can also be used for image scraping, a great feature. The scrapped data can also be saved in various database formats.

Final Thoughts

To conclude this article, I hope that you have gained a good insight into the best tools that are easy to use and that can extract movie data from IMDb without ever needing to build things from scratch!
You must be aware that the key to your success in scraping IMDB is not just using the best web scraper available. It is possible to have the best web scraper and still fail to scrape IMDB. To succeed, you need to learn how to utilize the chosen web scraper.
Our recommendation is to use the best scraping tool like ProxyCrawl to ensure quality results. Besides being easy to use, the pricing plans for the service are also quite reasonable. So, if you’re having any issues with ProxyCrawl, please feel free to contact our customer support team via live chat.
Let’s have some scrapping fun!


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