Discord Marketing Strategy: The Complete Guide – 2022-23


Known for being a hot spot for the gaming community, Discord has now evolved in various parameters that include business communities too. In fact, NFT Discord marketing is a buzzword in the Discord town currently. Community-building is one of the most important parts of any business. Discord provides a safe and convenient space for businesses to build a community where they can connect, share, promote, and expand. 

If you are an entrepreneur who is looking for a way to utilize their marketing strategy in an exclusive community, Discord can be the best platform for you. So, how can you utilize a Discord marketing strategy for your business? Do you need any Discord Marketing Agency to do that? How can Discord benefit you?

Before we answer the above questions, let’s first understand what Discord is?

What is Discord?

Discord is a social platform where members can easily communicate with the other members via voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media, and files. On this platform gamers, influencers, entrepreneurs, or anyone can build a community and engage with its members. 

This instant messaging social platform allows you to create several channels for different purposes where members can communicate in real-time. The convenience of creating multiple channels for dedicated purposes on Discord makes it a powerful community tool for entrepreneurs and businesses. 

Now, let’s look at some benefits of using Discord for marketing purposes.

Why should you use Discord for Marketing?

Below are some important features of Discord that make it an unparalleled part of community building for businesses:

1. More Control:

No one can spam your Discord community since to become a member of the channel, a specific link is sent to the potential members. Also, Discord allows adding moderators to manage the community and its members. The administrators can delete irrelevant messages and ban abusive members from the community. 

Discord is brutal to the spammers and abusive members. It banned over 4 million spamming accounts in the initial half of 2020. So you know you’ve got control over your community members and your channel is a safe place for your genuine customers. 

2. Discord>>>Emails 

Emails are a prior source of promotion when it comes to professional communication. However, often emails could be inconvenient since it is irreversible. For example, you might forget to attach files or images with an email or you might miss some information while sending an email. In such a case, Discord can come in handy with its ease of communication and message editing features. 

3. Discord is Algorithm-free

Discord is algorithm free, that is it lists each message chronologically without missing any message in the process. With this feature, you can make sure that your announcements and updates reach each member of our community on Discord. 

What should be your discord marketing strategy?

1. Build your brand’s community

One of the best marketing strategies you can utilize is by building a Discord-native community. Make your discord community a social discussion platform. The best part is, that you can create different channels for different target audiences on Discord and have discussions relevant to that channel. 

With the growth of your community, your business will gain more popularity. And that’s what they call an effective marketing strategy. 

2. Create Moderators and Niched Groups

Unlike other Social Media platforms, when you create a channel on discord, you give different access levels to the owners, admins, moderators, and members of the channel. With this feature, you can plan and strategize with your team members in one group while maintaining a conversation with the members of the community in another group. 

Thus, organizing and managing groups on Discord is convenient and the communication across different groups is seamless. 

3. Offer Value and Exclusive sales

You need to understand that the members at Discord are smart and informed. Low-valued and low-quality schemes will swarm away your discord members in a blink. Your Discord marketing strategy will involve giving real value to your community members. Stand in the shoes of your members and devise offers and plans that will excite them and make this stick with your brand and community. 

People love special treatment. With your brand’s exclusive community on Discord, you can provide discounts and offers only to the community members. 

4. Top-notch Customer Service

In the current digital scenario, people spend most of their time on Video Game Social Media Management Agency platforms. Thus, nowadays most consumers seek resolution of their issues and customer services from these social media platforms. Since the basic motive of building a discord community is to facilitate smooth communication, customer service becomes an integral part of the Discord community. 

A brand can have a one-to-one discussion with any member of the community and resolve their issues easily. This fosters an inter-dependent and community environment between the brand and its consumers. 

5. Share relevant content

Sharing, caring, building, and evolving. These are a few aspects of a community. When you create a community on Discord, share information that means something to your members. Send them the news, articles, and updates from your industry. 

Your community members will share your articles on other discord channels which will help you expand your community. On top of that, your target audience will count on you since you establish authority by sharing relevant and useful content. 


With its special features, unparalleled convenience, and great utility, Discord has become an exclusive community-building platform for businesses. Discord marketing services help you filter your marketing strategies to only the audience that is genuinely interested in your brand. You can integrate the aforementioned ways into your marketing strategy to attract the target audience to your community and increase the reach of your brand to a larger and more relevant audience.


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