Dedicated Leased Line Supply Explained 2022

dedicated leased line connectivity

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing an internet service provider. Things like bandwidth, data caps, and price all play a role in your decision-making process. But if you’re looking for the highest quality and most reliable internet connection possible, you need to look into dedicated leased lines. 

Here we’ll explore what exactly these lines are and how they can benefit your business. By 2022, dedicated leased lines will be the go-to choice for businesses that require the best possible internet performance. So read on to learn more!

Fibre Optics Supply With Dedicated Leased Line

Dedicated leased lines can handle a variety of traffic, including internet traffic such as web pages, emails, and video streaming, as well as WAN traffic, which is often data exchanged between multiple offices of the same firm.

Telephone calls can also be carried via dedicated lines. Many businesses have traditionally used expensive ISDN30 connections to connect their phone systems to the public telephone network. 

Companies can typically eliminate their legacy ISDN30 circuits by employing a dedicated leased line and SIP Trunking, instead of routing their calls over a less expensive uncontended channel.

Average Speeds

The most common dedicated connection speeds are 10Mb, 20Mb, and 100Mb. Fiber-optic circuits are frequently used to provide high-bandwidth connections (normally >35Mbps). Fibre Leased lines can also be used to provide lower-bandwidth connections, such as 2mbps or 10mbps leased lines. These slower connections can also be offered via a mix of fibre and copper in some circumstances. Although fibre is preferable, a mix of fibre and copper can save money. The availability of these less expensive solutions varies depending on where you are.

The Price of Connectivity is Decreasing

The cost of uncontended connections is continuing to decline due to advances in optical networking. The increased popularity of broadband among customers has prompted an increase in network capacity and equipment costs.

To find out how much a dedicated connection would currently cost at your company’s location, use our instant dedicated line quotation tool.

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Benefits of Business Switching to Dedicated Lines

Ethernet or WiFi? What’s the best way to get connected at home, work, and on the go. Well, it depends! But before we get into how you can decide between these two options for your unique needs as an organization there are some things that will help narrow down what type might suit better with certain activities like gaming sessions where low latency is key (and not just because of competition). If this sounds interesting let me tell you more.

  1. Reliability

Fibre optic cabling is a faster and more reliable way to connect your business with the internet. Not only does this improve download speeds, but it also provides greater protection against interference in other areas of our physical network that could slow down operations for everyone using them!

2. Security

When it comes to your business’s IT resources, you need an answer for everything. But how can we provide dependable service when there are so many other factors that impact success? One key concern is security – with cloud-based platforms often leaving less control in terms of network access and protection against outside threats like hacking or malware attachments on emails sent through these services.

In recent years we have seen quite a rise not only in on-demand software solutions but also in mobile technologies such as smartphones which increasingly allow workers flexible work schedules without compromising their productivity because they’re able easily to connect wirelessly while walking down the street between meetings.

3. Dedicated Support

You’ll be able to enjoy peace of mind knowing that your investment comes with a corresponding SLA.

4. Increased Speeds

Dedicated bandwidth means faster internet for you and your employees.

Wrapping Up

While it’s no secret that customer experience is crucial now more so than ever, and the efficiency of your business’ internet can significantly impact how customers interact with you throughout each step on their journey – many businesses (and those of all sizes) are committing to improving this aspect.


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