Custom Your Own Neon Sign for room

Custom Your Own Neon Sign for room

It’s not a secret that neon lights are having a moment in the design world. The sign industry uses the term ‘Neon’ to describe neon lights, but in reality, neon is actually a chemical element. To produce neon lights’ full range of colors, it is used alongside the noble gas Argon. A red glow appears when neon is near an electric field, whereas argon appears in a blue/lilac glow. In addition to being colorless, odorless, and completely safe and stable, both gases are inert gases. Therefore, they have been commonly used in domestic applications like lighting for quite long time. Formerly, they were used solely as an illumination source, much like strip lights, but the tubes are not actually visible and instead light something else, like the inside of a revolving letter. 

By installing neon lights on your walls, you will be able to create a vivid, colorful glow just in a flick of a switch. Also, people who spend most of their time inside are looking forward to refurnishing their space with some moody lights. 

Interested in buying a Personalized Neon Sign, for your room? Visit Neon Attack for easy customization. There are many ways to decorate your room with Neon Signs and uplift your mood.

Neon Quote

The best and simple pattern is to get your favorite quote written in LED Neon Sign for home. What can be better than reading your motivational quote as you wake up and start your day. Your neon sign will come with clear acrylic backing and mounted holes to make the installation easy.

Zodiac Sign

People usually get their zodiac sign designed in neon lights. If you believe or could relate to the concept, then you can keep it as an option to put it on your wall. It will reflect your personality and will let people know your love towards your attitude. 

Religious Sign

How about putting a simple sign of your religion on a wall of your home? Neon Attack can make a soothing, and attractive sign for you to generate good vibes and serenity around your home.

Nursery signs

These Signs are safe to install at home. They don’t get heat up and break, but remain lukewarm and can’t break due to that heat. Putting up something bright and innovative will make your baby think and distracted. You can get a simple design made for your children’s room too.

Night Lamp

LED Neon Signs are can be place upon the wall near your table or in the corner of your room. The brightness of these signs can be controlled by the dimmer, which you can buy with your neon sign. There are wired or wireless dimmer. Depending upon your requirement, you think about it.

One for your workplace

If you have your office or studio in the home, then Neon Lights are the best way to decorate that place. You can put a motivational quote or add a pun to any sentence to make the surrounding little happening and motivating. Every time you get tired, you can look at your neon sign and gain some energy to complete your work. 

Simple Neon Letters

You can get your name written or create a hashtag for yourself. Putting up those on your wall with your pictures, is not a bad idea. You can check out Neon Attack, some influencers have got their names or hashtags written in Neon Lights from them. 

Show off your creativity

Online neon sign makers have a variety of colors, fonts, and texts to offer you for creating your neon sign. You can try using different colors and fonts on the mock-up section. You can finalize your sign after you get satisfied looking at the real-time mock up section and place your order.

Above-mentioned are some ideas to create your own Neon Sign for your room. These are light-weighted so, you can change its place easily without the help of any electrician. Also, these not only looks good hanging on the walls only, they even look good in the corner of the room. Depending upon the space, you can transform the empty place. These Eco-friendly custom LED neon signs handcrafted by professionals who possess the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to make sure you receive a quality neon sign that is durable, efficient, and cost-effective.

How to customize your Neon Sign?

The online mode has made everything super easy. The process to make LED Neon Sign for your home is simple. The most time-consuming part is to decide what sign you want to create? Once you have a tendency to imagine how your neon sign will look like, you can design it in 4 simple steps. 

At Neon Attack, you get a visual mock up of what your neon sign will look like even before you place an order with our custom neon sign maker. The LED neon signs are backed by transparent acrylic. They come with a 10Ft transparent cord and a 12v DC power adapter to simply plug your sign in a power socket and illuminate. 

Follow these 4 easy steps

  1. Enter the text you want on your sing. Add a motivational quote, a pun or a hashtags. Anything can be converted into a Neon Sign. 
  2. Choose a font and a color. The CUSTOMIZE page gives you the option to play with font size, color, and font style. You have freedom to choose any color and font from the varieties given to you.
  3. Choose the size. There are multiple size options given to you. Choose the size according to the space you want to decorate.
  4. And, you are almost done. See the preview and place the order.

Create a perfect sign for your room. These Neon Signs are long-lasting, require low- maintenance, are energy efficient, and worth investing in. Let these neon signs add some personality to your space, because you deserve to live in a space that makes you smile. 

Final Advice

There are a few things you need to keep in mind while designing your sign. First, keep in mind about the space you want to decorate. What kind of background it has, what color will match with it and how much large or small neon sign will look good at that place. Second, these are costly. Bigger the sign, the price figure will get bigger. So, think about the budget you have while designing the sign. Third, what color will match? Keep the contrast of what background color. 

You can set a theme with these lights. Every room can have its own theme which might create good vibes. For example, A guest room can have a welcoming quote written, and the master bedroom can have a naughty line written with neon colors. Depending upon the environment you wish to create, you can put a Personalized Neon Sign accordingly.


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