Complete Guide to Lab Diamonds


Rare Carat Synthetic Diamonds is a premium synthetic diamond with the same qualities and properties as any other diamond. These synthetic diamonds created with chemical-based processes to mimic the gemstones’ natural chemical makeup, forming a stone that can be used in jewellery or placed under a microscope to view the stone’s unique crystallization. The main reason why people buy these diamonds is that they are similar in color, clarity, and weight to natural stones yet cost less than natural stones. They are also suitable for people with allergies or sensitivities who cannot wear natural gems since as artificial gems do not contain trace elements of platinum or gold.

Differences lab grown vs natural diamonds

Below are the differences between lab-grown vs natural diamonds:

  1. Synthetic diamonds are created in a laboratory to copy the attributes of natural stones. Natural diamonds are mined deep underground, while synthetic diamonds are created in a laboratory setting.
  1. Synthetic diamonds have the same chemical makeup as natural ones, which is why they both look the same under a microscope. Natural diamonds contain trace amounts of platinum and gold even though the naked eye cannot see them. Synthetic stones have no trace elements of other metals, making them suitable for people with allergies.
  1. Natural stones cost more than their lab-grown equivalents because the amount of natural materials that can be mined comes with limits. Synthetic diamonds are created in a laboratory, so they cost less.
  1. Synthetic diamonds are suitable for people with allergies or sensitivities since they do not contain trace elements of platinum or gold. Natural gems contain traces of these metals that could be harmful to those with allergic reactions and thus are only available to those who can afford them.
  1. Natural stones do not have the same clarity as synthetic gems, which is why synthetic stones have the same clarity as natural ones under microscope viewings. Unlike natural diamonds, synthetic ones also have a much higher refractive index, making them ideal for gemstones in jewellery items such as rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Get to know

Rare Carat is the best place to buy lab-created diamonds and other synthetic diamonds simply because we offer the largest selection of the highest-quality creations you can find. We are constantly working to bring you new trends in the industry while always keeping our prices low and our service excellent.

Lab Diamond” deals from

Below are tips to get the best deal from Rarecarat:

  1. Choose your favourite synthetic diamonds

When buying synthetic diamonds, certain factors need to be considered to get the best quality at the lowest price. You need to consider what size and shape you want to achieve this. The standard sizes for synthetic diamonds are round, princess, cushion, oval and emerald cuts. For loose stones, you check out ct weight.

  1. Choosing Your Shape

Choosing your shape is about two things: personal preference and price. Naturally, all the shapes will look stunningly beautiful in jewellery because it’s all about how you wear it and how it’s made, not necessarily what cut was used to make it.

  1. Ask for discount codes

One of the reasons why people are turning to synthetic diamonds is because they offer a dramatically lower price than natural stones. That’s great and all, but you must be able to answer such a big question as: “Why are synthetic diamonds cheaper?” To get this answer, you must keep asking yourself questions about each type of synthetic diamond. Maybe the one you select may be more affordable if it has the same quality as other options available.

  1. Step up to a better deal

You can also ask for more discounts by contacting your supplier directly by using the contact us form on their website. With this method, you will also have more opportunities to check out different manufacturing processes before deciding which one best suits you.

  1. Check the Certificate of Authenticity

Always pay special attention to the certificate of authenticity which is written about the lab-created diamond and its quality as well as all information about that diamond and its cost in detail. This kind certificated of authenticity will be written in various languages, from English to Chinese, etc


All in all, synthetic diamonds have grown in popularity for a long time and seem like they’re here to stay. As long as people continue to appreciate these gems’ beauty, manufacturers will continue producing them and giving them the same level of care that they give to their natural counterparts. So when you buy your lab-created diamond, always look afterand take care of it since they’re not made up anything other than carbon atoms


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