Comparing Double Wall Mailers and Outside Tuck Mailers: Which is Right for You?


Safeguarding your products during transit starts with the perfect mailer – it’s the secret to avoiding damage and getting your goods to customers quickly. Two popular options in the packaging world are the double wall mailer and outside tuck mailers. But which one is best suited for your needs? What really matters is finding the type that’s just right for your project. So, let’s peel back the layers and see what each one brings to the table.

Understanding Double Wall MailersWhat Are Double Wall Mailers?

With a pair of cardboard layers, double wall mailers gain a boost in strength, making them a whole lot tougher to damage. Heavier or more delicate items require extra care during transport, and these provide just that. Think of them as the bodyguards of the packaging world.

Benefits of Double Wall Mailers

  1. Enhanced Protection: The double-layer design ensures that items are well-protected against impacts, reducing the risk of damage. Shipping delicate items like electronics or glassware requires special care, and this feature is perfect for that.
  2. Durability: Double-wall mailers are known for their sturdiness. Long-distance shipping doesn’t stand a chance against these resilient products – they’re built to withstand the kind of abuse that would leave others crushed.
  3. Versatility: Available in various sizes, double wall mailers can accommodate a wide range of products, from books to industrial parts. With their substantial frame, they’re ready to take on heavyweight challenges, yet also gently cradle delicate heirlooms.

When to Use Double Wall Mailers

If you run an e-commerce store selling fragile or heavy items, double-wall mailers are your best bet. Imagine getting fragile items safely to their destination – that’s the confidence they bring to the table. I once shipped a set of handmade ceramic mugs across the country using double wall mailers, and they arrived intact without a single chip. What a load off my mind when I discovered the impact of my packaging decision.

Exploring Outside Tuck MailersWhat Are Outside Tuck Mailers?

Outside tuck mailers feature a unique design where the flaps tuck into the outside of the box. This creates a sleek, professional look and provides a secure closure without the need for additional tape or adhesives. They are perfect for businesses that want a clean and efficient packaging solution.

Benefits of Outside Tuck Mailers

  1. Easy to Use: The outside tuck design makes these mailers incredibly user-friendly. Simply fold the flaps and tuck them into place for a secure closure. This saves time during the packing process, especially when handling large volumes of shipments.
  2. Professional Appearance: The neat, finished look of outside tuck mailers adds a touch of professionalism to your packages. This can enhance the unboxing experience for your customers and reflect positively on your brand.
  3. Reusability: Because outside tuck mailers don’t require tape for sealing, they can be easily reused by your customers. This adds an element of sustainability and convenience.

When to Use Outside Tuck Mailers

Outside tuck mailers are ideal for lightweight to medium-weight items that don’t require the heavy-duty protection of double-wall mailers. They’re perfect for shipping clothing, books, and smaller accessories. For instance, when I started selling handmade jewelry online, I opted for outside tuck mailers. They not only kept the items secure but also provided a polished look that impressed my customers.

Comparing Double Wall Mailers and Outside Tuck MailersProtection and Durability

When it comes to protection, double-wall mailers are the clear winners. Their robust construction makes them suitable for heavier and more fragile items. Outside tuck mailers, while secure, are better suited for less delicate products.

Ease of Use

Outside tuck mailers take the lead in terms of ease of use. The tuck-in design is quick and straightforward, saving valuable time during packing. Double wall mailers, although easy to assemble, require more effort due to their heavier construction.


If presentation is a priority, outside tuck mailers offer a more polished and professional look. Double wall mailers, while functional, don’t provide the same sleek aesthetic.


Both mailers are cost-effective in their own right, but the choice depends on your specific needs. Double wall mailers may cost more due to their extra material, but they save on potential damage costs. Outside tuck mailers are more affordable and sufficient for less fragile items.

Making the Right Choice

Ultimately, the choice between double wall mailers and outside tuck mailers depends on your shipping needs. If you’re shipping fragile, heavy, or valuable items, double-wall mailers are your best bet. For lighter, less delicate products, outside tuck mailers offer an efficient and professional solution.

Consider Your Product

  • Fragile or Heavy Items: Opt for double-wall mailers to ensure maximum protection.
  • Lightweight or Non-Fragile Items: Choose outside tuck mailers for a professional look and ease of use.

Consider Your Brand

  • Professional Presentation: Outside tuck mailers provide a clean, professional appearance that enhances your brand image.
  • Focus on Protection: Double wall mailers offer superior protection, reflecting your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Your Trusted Packaging Partner

At The Boxery, we understand the importance of choosing the right packaging for your business needs. Whether you need sturdy double-wall mailers or sleek outside tuck mailers, we have a wide range of options to ensure your products are shipped safely and efficiently. Explore our extensive collection and find the perfect packaging solution for your business today


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