Common problems your drain may encounter

Maintenance Services
Maintenance Services

While the signs are indicative of a Drainage Maintenance Services deficiency, it’s also important to know how to recognize the types of problems your Drainage Maintenance Services may have. So here are three common problems your drain may experience:


Sediment, such as sand and fine organic particles are likely to find their way into your Drainage Maintenance Services over time, which can cause it to clog. This phenomenon is quite normal since the nature of a Drainage Maintenance Services is to allow slow drainage of water through the ground. The drainage membrane installed over the gravel should help prevent sediment build-up. However, if it’s installed incorrectly or of poor quality, you could experience blocking issues much faster than expected.

Also, if you live in an area with very sandy, iron-rich soil, iron ocher can form around your Drainage Maintenance Services and foundation. This type of reddish-colored mud will not only clog your Drainage Maintenance Services but put your foundation at risk for water infiltration. This often happens when the foundation is exposed to very wet ground, such as in the case of waterfront properties.

Faulty sump pump

If you have an indoor Drainage Maintenance service, a sump pump is needed to help prevent flooding. Entry-level models will likely need to be replaced sooner than their more expensive counterparts. In the event of a power outage, if a backup battery has not been installed, the pump will stop working and if the outage was caused by heavy rain, you risk being flooded. While this won’t directly cause problems for the French drain, it will essentially defeat its purpose, which is to keep water away from your foundation.

Change of slope

As a house ages, it is almost inevitable that the ground surrounding it will not change. Such modifications can then result in the displacement of the slope which had initially been created during the installation of the Drainage Maintenance Services. This is especially true for homes located near water or in humid climates. It is important to keep this information in mind, especially for newer houses, because. The ground is more likely to move than for an older house where. This process has probably already taken place in the last few years or decades.

Your Drainage Maintenance Services contractor will be able to suggest. The right materials for your climate and the age of your home to maximize the life of your French drain.

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