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Logo color combinations cause our brains to respond and remember. Close your eyes and think of three well-known companies; chances are you’ll be able to recall the company’s logo colors straight immediately. Starbucks’ colors are green and white. Ikea’s colors are blue and yellow. FedEx’s colors are purple and orange.

Color may elicit strong emotional responses and spark people’s curiosity. It is particularly critical when creating a brand identity and brand assets such as a logo. Choosing the proper color combinations may be difficult. wix logo maker turn your difficulty of designing a free good logo into easiness. Fortunately for you, there is a science called color theory that can help you choose your trademark colors.

The colors yellow and red

This eye-catching color scheme quickly attracts your attention to the logo’s core. The business name’s bold red and unusual layout explodes against the joyful shade of yellow, generating a feeling of energy and amusement. We like this color combination because of its adaptability.

Yellow and black

The vibrant yellow utilized in this logo, like the smiling monkey emblem, exudes vitality and joy. The almost-black tone of grey, popular in the entertainment business (particularly in nightclubs), exudes mystery and intrigue. Black and yellow complement each other well.

Purple and pink

Warmth, levity, and ambition all rolled into one! This logo’s vibrant pink offers a burst of enthusiasm, while the purple serves as a mature counterpoint. This color scheme is often used in areas such as cosmetics and blogging.

Blue and green

Blue and green are often linked with serenity, yet this electric blue and lime green radiate vitality and vigor. A vibrant color scheme performs especially effectively in the fashion, media, and entertainment sectors.

Orange and purple

Color combinations that are unusual might be dangerous, but when they work, they work! This combination of warm peach and eggplant purple is both exquisite and one-of-a-kind. Consider using this combination for a clothing, cosmetics, or home goods company.

Red, blue, and yellow

Feeling daring? Try an electrifying color combination! This logo’s bold red combines the joyful yellow and royal blue, conveying authority and confidence. Consider employing this color scheme for an entertainment or restaurant brand.

Purple and yellow

Do you want a wise logo? To elicit emotions of creativity, combine an upbeat and vibrant yellow with a deep purple. This traditional complimentary logo color scheme is popular in the restaurant and educational sectors.

Pink and blue

A delicate pink combined with navy blue exudes a fun but dependable mood. The blue stands out against the pale backdrop, giving a lovely contrast. Consider this logo combination if you work in the cosmetics, blogging, or wedding sectors.


Black and red

This daring and unexpectedly attractive logo color combination dominates and exudes strength and enthusiasm. The bright red attracts attention to the corporate name, while the black serves as a grounding backdrop hue. In color psychology, red represents passion, danger, and intrigue. It may be utilized to create excitement, particularly when coupled with a strong hue like black.

Blue and turquoise

If you want your logo to convey knowledge, confidence, and trust, consider blending blue and turquoise. The hues are in the same color family but are distinct enough to make for a stunning combination, with the turquoise applied sparingly. A well-chosen use of bright colors can truly make a design stand out! Teal looks well with practically any darker, subdued hue.

Orange and blue

With an orange and blue logo, you can pique your audience’s interest while also building trust. This complimentary color combination is a traditional but strong combination that is popular in the technology and finance industries.

Blue and white

This serene sky blue and white combination is a crowd-pleaser, conveying sentiments of trust and tranquillity. Using this combination to create a logo offers versatility across sectors, from non-profit to technology to health. Remember that white is a design hue that may be utilized to create negative space and bring attention to an essential design feature.

Color combinations of various types

When deciding on the colors for your logo, the color theory wheel is the ideal place to start. Warm colors (red, yellow, orange) are on the left side of the color wheel, while cool colors (blue, green, and purple) are on the right. Understanding color relationships and how they interact on the color wheel is essential for good design.




Colors that are complementary are those that are on opposing sides of the color wheel. These two hues contrast to produce high-impact, readable brand designs.

Analogous color combinations consist of two to five colors that are adjacent on the color wheel. These hues, in general, promote harmony and balance. In nature, analogous color schemes are common, with one hue dominating and the others supporting its depth.

Rich and bright color combinations are triadic color combinations. If you want a vibrant three-color palette, use the triadic color theory. Simply draw a triangle on the color wheel to get three equally spread out colors.

Yellow and green

This vibrant yellow adds life and vitality to the otherwise soothing green in this logo color scheme. Yellow and green are natural hues that are typically seen in sectors such as agriculture, cleaning, and environmental services.

Black and orange

This black and orange logo is a powerful but welcoming combination. The orange represents optimism, while the black represents professionalism and grounding. This color scheme would be appropriate for the film and music sectors.

Blue and pink

Do you want your logo to seem professional while yet being friendly? Choose a navy and hot pink logo color scheme. The brilliant pink pops against the blue and is ideal for sectors such as cosmetics and blogging.

Brown with mustard yellow

We like this retro color scheme. Ideal for professional services that want to project a classy and conventional image. These hues would suit any artistic services as well as more classic restaurants and cafés.

Red and white lipstick

This color scheme is powerful! Red is an energetic and invigorating color that should be combined with something calm and neutral when used in such a bright shade. It’s a wonderful logo color combination for both teams and retail settings. This combination might assist any company that wants to attract the attention from a distance.

Teal and coral

Teal and coral, when combined, give your logo a vibrant and creative look. They are bright and cheerful hues that are not too demanding on the eye. This color palette is ideal for creative consultants and educational enterprises.

Yellow and electric-purple

These days, neon and psychedelic hues are making a significant resurgence in design. It’s a daring decision to employ this color combination, but if your brand is loud, we highly endorse it! This color combination is ideal for beauty companies and bloggers.

Charcoal grey and taupe

This is a really elegant combination, suitable for both hospitality and photography logos. To create a stylish statement, use black as the backdrop hue and taupe as an accent.

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