Cold sparklers rental



If you’re looking for a Cold sparklers rental in Chicago, we can help !

But we know that Pyrotechnics are fun and exciting but dangerous and expensive. Why bother with all of that when you can revel in the flicker of cold spark machines without any of the trouble of typical pyro displays? Our cold sparkler machines produce twice the sparkle and shine with none of the fire, which means that you can use them indoors or outdoors, and use them without worry.

  • Control the height and duration of each launch
  • Remote-controlled and linkable via DMX
  • Very little smoke and odor
  • Enjoy multiple short or long experiences
  • Cold sparks generated are only 62 degrees Fahrenheit

These sparklers are perfect for instantly adding a little pizazz to events of any sizes or to create a picture perfect moment with a warm, fiery glow. And because you’re renting your cold spark fountain machine from chicagoavrentals, you can rest assured knowing that you’re receiving best-in-class technology.

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Still not sold on the magic? Here’s a quick bit to help:

In layman’s terms, cold spark machines (also known as Sparklers) use a proprietary mix of zirconium and titanium granules to create the sparkle effect. As these granules are about to be launched from the machine they are briefly heated up, causing the granules to “ignite”. Once out of the machine these granules have cooled to about 62 degrees F yet still carry the spark-like effect for a few moments before going out, providing the spectacular pyro-like look everyone enjoys. Because of the low temperatures, the sparks are safe enough to touch. Sparklers produce about 80 percent less smoke than traditional pyro effects and leave almost no odor behind.



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