Choosing A Damascus Steel Knife

Damascus Steel Knife
Damascus Steel Knife

The tools used in the execution process are paramount in any job. Cooking is no exception. Inconvenient handle blades are too thin or too thick, the blade is dull, and other flaws can make cooking very difficult. Or turn the process into torture. Over the years Damascus has produced a variety of Damascus Steel knives for use in the kitchen. Each has a goal that is best achieved. Today we will talk about the assortment of chef knives of the brand and tell you which one is better to choose for what purpose.

1. Blade Selection

First of all, it is important to understand that the choice of blade shape and thickness plays a big role. You have to choose the one which suits your needs. Fishing is one thing. Hard vegetables or chopping vegetables is another matter. Let’s start with the widest selection and move on to the most exclusive. The breach is thick. However, the more reliable the blade, the narrower the RK, and the sharper it is. Size and other parameters are also important.

2. Versatile for everyday use.

Most dishes with a bottom thickness of 1.5 mm should be used with a blade about 8-12 cm long. This is a fairly versatile option that can be used to clean and chop vegetables, bread, sausages, other ingredients for a balaclava, etc., often used in the office, the ultra-thin blade allows for precise cuts. It allows you to cut tomatoes, fish, etc into thin slices and cut tomatoes into thin slices. Often used in the kitchen and hiking. He will always find it useful in cooking. Examples are LOFT N° 125 (including the serrated number 125 series) and the number 126. The serrated type is best for chopping foods like tomatoes, kiwis, boiled eggs, etc.

3. Cook a little

It is also international. Instead, it is a kitchen knife with a large blade with a pointed end. A larger blade gives more space in your hand. These Japanese are designed to be easily cut, shredded, and crumpled. This allows you to finely chop vegetables or onions with ease, to perform three main functions. Cut fruits and vegetables into slices or cubes as you chop. Pay attention to the tip of the blade that won’t stick to the board or other work surface as you work; with a little practice, any chopping ingredients are perfect for salads, soups, and other dishes. could. , Quickly down is more durable – about 3 mm, blade length – 17 cm.

4. Cook Universal

More convenient, especially for men, would be the same blade. But a little longer – 20 cm. These two centimeters are enough to emphasize the blade and increase the range of motion. This will make the grinding process easier and faster, for example, try Chef’s Knife No. 118 – Swedish Chef’s Knife Sandvik 12C27 Stainless Join Parallel POP – a great gift option. Damascus also has analogs of this model made of X50CrMoV15 alloy steel, which is more durable and resistant to corrosion.

5. Multipurpose

It has a solid and stable blade. The cutting technique is slightly different from the pointed end. The uneven surface of the blade more suited to individual cutting speeds, such as #219, allows it to easily cut through seafood, cheese, tomatoes, and other “sticky” materials. Blade grooves reduce product sticking. About 17-20 cm in length, strong butt – 3 mm.

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