Cheap Rental Moving Truck


Whether you’re moving to your new home, relocating your business, or need a large item moved from one location to the other, renting a truck and moving is the cheapest way to go about it. Besides, why bother to pay movers large sums of money when they likely have a record of breaking some of the items they transport? Well lucky for you, you don’t have to experience that. You can simply search for a cheap rental moving truck to get the best deals on moving. 

Choosing a Truck Rental Service

If you eventually decide to use a rental truck to move your properties by yourself, know that there are many moving truck providers you can choose from. So you first need to determine what kind of truck rental service you will require. Most truck rental companies provide both one-way rentals and round-trip rental services. Usually, one-way truck rentals are more costly, and you cannot switch from a round trip to one way rental once you’re with the truck.

Another significant factor that affects the rental cost is the truck size. Trucks come in different sizes; while some are small, others are big. So calculating the cargo size that can accommodate all your properties is very important. If you’re moving 1 or 2 rooms, you may fit your stuff into a 12 feet truck. However, for larger 2 rooms or 3 rooms, a 16 feet truck is usually recommended. For 4 or 5 rooms, you may need a 22 feet truck, and for up to 7 rooms, you may want to rent a 26-footer. You must always determine the truck size by yourself, considering the pieces of furniture and the number of moving boxes you will transport.

When calculating the rental costs, don’t forget to sum up all additional taxes and surcharges that come with the rental itself. Usually, taxes like price per mile and fuel surcharge may arise. Also, additional insurance for the moving truck could be required to cost you extra.

Licensing for Moving Trucks 

Licensing is another important factor to consider when renting a moving truck. Special licenses may not be required for a small or mid-size truck; however, a license will be required for a more significant sized one.   

When returning the truck to the rental company, ensure it is adequately cleaned, as you may be charged for not cleaning the truck from the rental company. Also, it is advisable to fill up the tank with fuel as the rental company usually charges extra to fill it up for you. 

Lastly, to get a better idea of the final price, you’ll need to calculate the approximate miles you will travel with the truck. Also, check more than one rental truck company and see if the costs will differ significantly.


If you’re looking for a budget-friendly means of relocating, a rental moving truck is best for you. It will help you save a reasonable amount of money, allow access to your belongings during the moving process, and allow you to travel based on your schedule. Sound great, right?

This article highlights vital points to help you get the best deal when renting a moving truck. Surely, these tips will help you make better decisions.


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