Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs in Dubai

Business Ideas in Dubai for Ladies

When it comes to framing new business opportunities, Dubai’s capability is unmatchable. It has been more than a decade that the businesses in Dubai are thriving rapidly and different sectors are touching new heights. Thus, this global city has become a major hit among investors and entrepreneurs all around the world to set up a business in Dubai. However, many still question the contribution of women to the economic development of the country. UAE, being a predominant country of Arabic ethnicity with half the population of Muslims, it is believed that women are not allowed to work or do business. But, this is just a misbelief. There are plenty of business ideas in Dubai for ladies to invest their time and make money. Women are free to do any business in the UAE, as long as they are legal and well approved. 

For ages, it has been the norm that men are the breadwinners and women stay at home and take care of the family. However, this outlook has changed gradually with time and women are now stepping forward to walk in league with the men.  A diverse and advanced city like Dubai encourages and welcomes women entrepreneurs to come up with their business concepts and turn them into profitable business ventures. Besides, Dubai also offers several options for business for the women population from which they can choose as per their convenience and preferences. 

This article discusses some of the most common yet profitable business ideas in Dubai that women can pursue. 

Business ideas in Dubai for ladies 


It’s a common belief that women have more fashion sense as compared to men. They always tend to keep up with the trend when it comes to fashion and styling. Even though there are plenty of fashion boutiques in Dubai, there is always a demand for pretty, unique, and trendy clothes, that too at an affordable price. Hence, women with a sound understanding of the latest fashion trends and a reliable supply can easily start a clothing business in Dubai and start making a profit as well. 

Additionally, they can also promote their boutique through social media channels and sell their products online. 

Alteration and fitting 

Alteration and fitting services can be simple yet one of the profitable business ideas in Dubai for ladies. Women, especially housewives can start this business in their homes with little or no investment. All they need is a properly working sewing machine, different types of threads, and of course, the right skills. This will, thus, help you focus on your family needs as well as earn a good share of income side-by-side. Women can conduct this business full-time or part-time accordingly and provide perfect outfits to their potential clients. 

Event planning 

Dubai is home to many high-reputed, affluent personalities. This particular group of elite people prefers to maintain their stature in society by conducting luxury parties, corporate get-togethers, and high-class events. Thus, there is a forever need for event planners who can take up this responsibility on their shoulders and organize a premium event on their behalf. 

Usually, in this business, the major customers are big companies, rich families, educational institutions, elite groups, etc. Women with good communication, and excellent organizational, managerial, and planning skills can start their own event management agency in Dubai. With reliable facilities, good connections, and timely services, they can further expand their business in the UAE. 

Homely food/Tiffin services 

Dubai is an exceedingly-populated city, especially with foreigners and expats who are staying away from their homes. Most of them have such a busy work schedule that it becomes stressful for them to manage their daily meals. In such situations, they seek tiffin services that can provide them with exotic, homemade healthy food from time to time. 

Women with great culinary skills can try this out. Besides, you also don’t need to have any specific qualifications for the same. Unlike many other sectors, this business requires very less investment. However, the quality of food is crucial for the survival of the business and making its reach to a larger audience. Moreover, the women owners can reach out to their customers via online platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. 


If you are used to getting compliments for your baking skills, then you should think about starting your own bakery business. A bakery is undoubtedly one of the business ideas in Dubai for ladies. They can bake different types of cakes, cookies, pastries, bread, buns, etc. at their homes and sell them either directly to customers or through social media platforms. 

A bakery business involves less investment. All you need is necessary food items and ingredients, baking tools, and microwave or an oven. Yet another way of promoting the bakery business is shooting a cake-making video or recipe and posting it on your social media page to create a strong profile for your business.

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Art & Craft business 

Are you a creative brain? Do you love to watch and experiment with craftwork? Do you wish to be paid for your artwork?      Then, you must definitely consider starting a business of handmade art supplies. 

Women who have special skills in art & craft activities such as painting, origami, plaster of Paris, pottery, glass painting, gift decoration, etc. can start this business even in their homes. They can also reach out to certain communities such as event organizers, party planners, interior designers, etc. who are constantly in search of innovative art pieces for decoration purposes. The art & craft business is certainly a creative, cheerful, and profitable business. 

Daycare homes 

 Since most parents nowadays are employed, entrusting their child to a daycare is the only option left for them. In such a case, starting a crèche or a daycare center for kids can be a good business option in Dubai for ladies. Women who are calm enough to control children as well as handle them patiently can consider this low-budgeted business. 

Since health & hygiene and childcare laws are strict in Dubai, one must be confident in following the rules properly before planning to go into this business. Hence, it would be better to start with a limited number of kids, which could be increased subsequently. 

Freelance business 

An individual who is certified and has proven experience in a particular field can start a freelance business and also acquire a freelance license as well. A freelancing business is one of the most preferred business ideas by women in Dubai. Besides, there are certain areas of freelancing to choose from. For example, Copywriting, Content creation, Interior décor, Social media management, Audit & accounting, Digital marketing, etc. Freelancing business can be a better option because it allows you to work when you want, that too with unlimited earning potential. 

If you are a hardworking woman looking for limitless earning opportunities, you can opt for freelance employment on your own, or you can also collaborate with any company and work for them. 

Social media influencer 

Online media is the new media. It is one of the best platforms to showcase your talent and skills. Becoming a social media influencer demands zero investment. All you need to do is find an area of interest and create genuine and loyal content for your followers. Moreover, different brands collaborate with the influencers for product promotion, in exchange for a fixed payment. 

Women in Dubai can easily take up this activity from their homes. Thus, they can make a fair share of income with their blogging or social media interaction skills. 

Few other business ideas in Dubai for ladies :

  • Consultancy 
  • Beauty & hair salon
  • Online or home tutoring
  • Photography 
  • E-commerce business 
  • Florist 

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