BTS Jimin apologises to ARMY

BTS Jimin apologises to ARMY

BTS Jimin apologises to ARMY

BTS: After getting back from the US, Jimin shared a long note saying ‘sorry’ to ARMY. He said that he feels frustrated about making his fans stressed over his ‘absence of involvement’. The artist has said this.

BTS Jimin apologises to ARMY

BTS part Jimin, who got back to Seoul on Thursday, shared a post saying ‘sorry’ to his fans for causing them to feel stressed because of his absence of involvement. Taking to fan local area gathering Weverse, Jimin posted a long note calling himself ‘still a ton unpracticed”.

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In the note, Jimin additionally said that he will put forth attempts to be ‘more experienced to abstain from making’ his fans restless and stressed. Jimin likewise talked about his and other BTS individuals RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V and Jungkook’s visit to the US. (Likewise Read | BTS individuals meet US President Joe Biden at White House, say they have been derided for their appearance)


As deciphered by Twitter client @BTStranslation_, Jimin expressed, “Armed force, all of you, this is Jimin. All of you have been doing great right? This time we visited the US. You’re most likely going to be very much aware of what occasion we participated in. Causing us to feel grateful and feel regarded for the way that there are you all ARMYs from different races, nations, and societies.. we had the option to address all of you and enhance your voices by participating in this occasion.”

“Just, I pondered that I, who went there to address all of you, is still a ton unpracticed. I feel frustrated about causing you to feel stressed for my absence of involvement with (times). In future as well, I’ll invest energy to turn out to be more developed to abstain from making (you folks) feel restless/stressed (now and again). I accept all of you should be stressed as I don’t visit (you folks) as habitually nowadays, I’ll come (visit all of you) frequently. I miss you generally, ARMY,” read the note.

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BTS Jimin apologises to ARMY

Responding to Jimin’s post, fans took to Twitter guaranteeing him of their help. A fan tweeted, “Our valuable Jimin posted on Weverse! I’m so cheerful! I’m happy you’re doing great Jimin. We’ll constantly be hanging around for you. Our affection for you is genuine. We’re so glad for you. See you soon sweet Angel.”

“Jimin, our little wad of bliss, we simply maintain that you should understand your value! You are the most extraordinary diamond on this planet and nobody can at any point match your level. We simply believe that you should remain blissful consistently. We as a whole realize that this was your most memorable time at the White House and inspite of that all of you aced it and did so well! Kindly don’t be sorry to us! We love you and will keep on remaining close by regardless of anything else!” said ARMY.




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