Book Tour of Deep Finance: Learn How Strategic Forward-Looking Organizations Embrace Digital Finance

Deep Finance: Corporate Finance in the Information Age
Deep Finance: Corporate Finance in the Information Age

“Glenn Hopper vouches for innovation and upgrades in a straightforward way that shows his experience in the field and the success of embracing finance automation and highlights how finance professionals can use analytics and AI as a strategic force multiplier for their business. The essential guidelines help CIOs leverage and champion the AI-driven strategic, organizational, and digital transformation in accounting and finance.”
~ Jason Krantz, CEO/Founder, Strategy Titan

We are living in a time of technological ubiquity. From smartphones to the internet, every transaction, communication, and interaction is digital and trackable. Cutting-edge businesses are able to capitalize on this digitalization to provide greater value to their customers and their shareholders. But how can small and mid-sized businesses keep up with the big players like Google, Microsoft, and Apple? Is it possible for even startups to take advantage of this new technology? Leaders need a transformation plan.

The book Deep Finance: Corporate Finance in the Information Age provides a roadmap for startups to transform their finance operations to operate the same way Fortune 500 companies do. It teaches leaders how to embrace tech innovations to improve business operations. Deep Finance explains the basics of AI and how it can be practically applied to provide a clear path toward digital transformation. It covers integrating technology like APIs, databases, ERPs and other automation tools and business intelligence to provide greater management insights. These insights enable CFOs to become even more significant members of the strategic leadership team. Finance becomes faster and more efficient.


In his book Deep Finance, author Glenn Hopper uses a unique blend of financial leadership and technical expertise to help businesses of all sizes to get modernized. Hopper is a finance expert and technologist with a focus on digital transformation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and business analytics. He is an eclectic leader with a master’s degree in finance and analytics from Harvard University and an MBA from Regis University. He is a Navy veteran and currently serving as a Chief Financial Officer at Sandline Global.

An author and energetic strategist, Glenn knows how to blend financial leadership with expertise in data science and technology. Over the past two decades, he has employed his knowledge and skills in assisting startups to operate at scale and prepare for funding or acquisition.

As a facilitator for business transformation, Glenn Hopper is passionate about transforming the role of Chief Financial Officer from a historical reporter to an agile and forward-looking strategist and cross-functional leader. He has served as a finance leader in a variety of industries including telecommunications, retail, internet, and legal technology. He has built and trained collaborative, high-performing teams and created cultures of trust and empowerment within companies.

Awe-inspiring Book Tour of Glenn Hopper

“In this Age of AI, every function in every company has to go through its own digital transformation to enable their organizations to succeed.  Glenn Hopper provides an essential roadmap to accounting and finance executives on how to embrace analytics and AI as core tools for modern finance.  This book should be required reading for every general manager.”

Karim R. Lakhani, Co-Chair of Harvard Business Analytics Program

Deep Finance is informative and enlightening. It shows managers how to embrace innovation such as information, analytics, and Big Data to bring new business opportunities. Glenn is now on a national book tour to promote the book, which is available from Simon and Schuster on Amazon and other retail outlets.

Originally scheduled for Fall 2021, the book tour was postponed due to COVID restrictions and Glenn focused on appearing on multiple professional podcasts and other virtual venues, but now he has formally announced the book tour. His podcast tour will continue, but he is now booking live events across North America. The book tour of Deep Finance elucidates the successful entrepreneurial story of Glenn Hopper to the business world. His story shows how any finance leader can embrace tech innovations to shape our world to revolutionize finance operations. Glenn is passionate about transforming the role of a chief financial officer from a historical reporter to a forward-looking strategist. He is committed to digitizing companies’ finance and back-office operations to help business leaders transform their businesses. With his vast experience as a CFO and a business leader, he is helping startups to bring transformation through essential strategies. Glenn implemented these strategies to establish a solid digital foundation for his organization.



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