Binance NFT Meets French Cinema In a New Collection


Are you a movie buff? If yes, Binance has some exciting information for you!

Binance NFT Marketplace launches the Best NFT Marketplace collection inspired by the film Music Hole. The film was co-produced with Luc Besson and Rockstone Films and premiered at the beginning of July 2022.

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Also known as the Belgian Pulp fiction‘, the film is about Francis an accountant who works for a cabaret that is shady in Charleroi and is in a difficult connection with their wife Martine. After an argument that was heated, Francis wakes up to find a package inside his fridge. The story continues to unfold the viewers are introduced to various characters with strange pasts.

NFTs in cinema

In recent times, numerous Hollywood cinematographers have turned to NFTs to allow fans to engage with their favorite characters. One example of this can be seen with Fox Entertainment dropping a series of limited-edition Deadpool 2 digital posters in 2019.

The inspiration behind this Music Hole NFT collection solis was the characters from the film’s unpredictable nature. The deck will include their original portraits created by Parisian artists Martin Richard, Stephane Assad, and Bechir Jewel. Produced by the Paris-based producer of film and entertainment Amos Rozenberg, the collection was developed through Swiss art galleries NFT SP3CE.

Luc Besson, who co-produced Music Hole is a French screenwriter, director, and producer who is best known for his films Leon: The Professional, Le Grand Bleu as well as the action film sci-fi, The Fifth Element.

Receive Ultra-VIP Access to The Film’s Premiere

With Vanessa Guide and Chandler, Music Hole premiered at the Grand Rex, Europe’s largest cinema, and it was made available in France on the 6th of July 2022.

When buying NFTs from the collection, when purchasing an NFT from the library, buyers received tickets for free to the premiere of the film as well as those who bought the poster of the film NFT were able to meet the crew and cast members in addition. With this partnership, Binance reaffirms its commitment to bringing digital assets into the cinema world.

Principal Takeaways

  • Sports NFTs offer faithful fans exciting and new ways to show their support for their favorite teams. In addition, sports clubs can profit from an additional revenue stream by creating electronic collectibles.
  • In addition to attending games in person, viewers are also able to interact directly with athletes via virtual spaces for instance, at metaverse meet-and-greets as well as AMAs.

The non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have experienced a significant increase in recent years, and have revolutionized diverse industries such as music, gaming, arts, and sports. Millions of fans of sports around the world have been introduced to various NFT applications. How do these tokens of digital technology change the world of sports?

What is the meaning of NFTs in sports?

Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) can be described as a form of digital asset that runs on a blockchain. They are commonly described as crypto collectibles. Each NFT is a unique asset that could be completely digital or an equivalent token of an actual object. If you’re interested in knowing more about NFTs look up this Academy article, A guide to crypto Collectibles or non-fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Sports NFTs are among the most recent applications of NFTs. They are a new way for fans to show their support for their teams of choice and engage with them. One can imagine sports NFTs as the traditional football or basketball players’ trading cards. Through blockchain technology, the physical cards can be transformed into various forms of NFTs sports fans can keep — memorabilia, gifts and gifs, videos, highlight reels, badges for games, and many more. Furthermore, they’re traded through NFT marketplaces, such as those on the Binance NFT Marketplace.

Certain sports NFTs are also a type of fan club membership, which gives holders exclusive privileges, for example, the opportunity to attend meet-and-greets with athletes.

How can NFTs improve Fan Experiences in sports?

NFTs are receiving a lot of attention from the world of sports in recent times. A Deloitte report estimates that NFTs in sports could result in greater than $2.5 billion worth of transactions by 2022.

Sports NFTs provide new opportunities for fans who are enthusiastic to cheer on their teams and engage with them. As NFTs grow they are able to provide new and more useful applications for sports NFTs that are poised to revolutionize the business in new ways. The most loyal fans can display their passion for sports by participating in NFTs. Meanwhile, the sports teams and their athletes are able to offer the fans long-term benefits through the growing utility of NFTs.

Digital Collectibles

Sports collectibles are an innovative way for players to collect player card collections, and even highlights of games. A collection that is among the top sought-after collection includes NBA Top Shot, a basketball collectibles platform that makes use of blockchain technology to transform conventional trade cards for sports digital. It’s an NFT marketplace that allows fans to trade clips of iconic NBA highlight games. For instance, a clip of LeBron James emulating the famous Kobe Bryant dunk was sold for nearly $400,000 at an auction in the month of April 2021.

Virtual Access Tokens

In addition to digital collectibles, NFTs could be integrated into live sporting events as tokens of access. For instance, fans who will pay for tickets with NFTs can gain access to exclusive videos recorded by the cameras of players in the stadium or watch conversations that take place behind the scenes between players and their coaches. Fans can also interact with other teams and fans in the metaverse directly, or make use of NFTs to support their preferred players. The NFT tickets also permit foreign fans who are not able to be present in person to enjoy this unique watching experience.

Some teams issue fan tokens, in addition to NFTs, in order to offer holders privileges at the club, from receiving autographs from players to limited-edition jerseys to discount tickets to games. In 2021, for instance, FC Porto partnered with Binance Fan Tokens to issue fan tokens as well as utility NFTs.


In some instances, NFTs are used in online sports, such as fantasy sports. So rare is an example. is a well-known fantasy football game that incorporates NFTs in the game. It has partnered with world-class football clubs such as FC Bayern Munich and Real Madrid C.F to provide players with their NFT cards. Members can buy or trade these cards to control an online team and participate in tournaments. Based on football players’ performance in actual games, their NFT cards can gain or lose points.

What are the benefits of NFTs in the Sport Industry?

NFTs change the way we think about sports memorabilia as they allow fans to have their own player’s cards, and even game-related video clips. They offer the chance for teams and sports organizations to build long-lasting connections with their fans.

NFTs can also change the ways that sports organizations interact with their fans and allow teams to increase participation by offering exclusive privileges to members and even a means to participate in important governance issues.

Personal Branding for Athletics

Individual athletes can create the players’ individual NFT collections to connect with their fans. Similar to trading cards athletes’ NFTs create a bond between the athlete and their dedicated fans. For instance, fans could take advantage of memorabilia from their favorite players and post their photos on social media to display their passion.

In addition, athletes can keep their intellectual rights through the issue of NFTs themselves. In addition, as NFT makers, they could earn royalty payments from sales of their NFTs which could provide them with an amount of money and a source of income the time they retire.

A new source of income for Sports Leagues

The issue of NFTs can provide an additional revenue stream for teams in sports. Traditionally, a business’s income is derived mostly from ticket and merchandise sales as well as media rights and sponsorships. Through NFTs, sports teams are able to opt to tokenize games tickets and stream live games to those who have tokens or host exclusive events for holders in the metaverse, including in the event of an outbreak of.


The variety of NFT applications within the world of sports has increased recently and the trend is expected to keep growing. Digital assets provide new avenues for teams to reach out to their fans and create new revenue streams. While fans of sports still love trading, buying, and wearing their unique badges, today’s NFT sports applications are far more than digital collectibles.


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