Big Mouth – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

Big Mouth – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review 2
Big Mouth – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review 2

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Big Mouth – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

Big Mouth episode 14 opens up where episode 13 left off, in Chairman Kang’s office with Choi Do-ha, Gong Ji-hoon, and Chang-ho all there. Chang-ho introduces himself to Chairman Kang and makes up a story about how the new Big Mouse has kidnapped his family and is extorting money from him in order to gain access to the chairman. As a result, Big Mouse would have the chance to murder him.

Big Mouth – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

He reveals that Big Mouse is aware of NK Chemicals and the secret lab. He even provides them with a list of Big Mouse’s company’s executives. In order to hunt out all of these criminals, Chang-ho asks the Chairman to designate him mayor.

Chang-ho will next conduct covert operations to discover who the new Big Mouse is. Chairman Kang invites him and his wife to his 85th birthday party even though he isn’t sure whether to accept him.

Chang-ho informs Ji-hoon that Big Mouse did not steal his money as they go. It’s actually probably more closer to him than he realises.

When Mi-ho and her father contact his brother and sister, they refuse to interact with them. The mother’s demise is disclosed by the sister.

Big Mouth – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

Big Mouth – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review 2

Chang-ho enters Chairman Yang’s new eatery as he arrives. Chang-ho enters the restaurant while Park Yoon-gab and a few other people bow to him, and Choi Do-secretary, ha’s who had followed Chang-ho, shoots pictures of him doing so.

Later, Do-ha arranges a meeting with Yoon-gab and offers him the chance to assassinate Chang-ho in exchange for Do-support ha’s as a politician for the rest of his life. He exhibits Chang-list ho’s of Big Mouse members as evidence of his treachery.

Big secret revealed

When Mi-ho and her father pay the elderly man a visit in the nursing home, they ask him to name the kids in the picture he has. He informs them that Do-ha, his grandson, passed away. Cho Sung-hyun was the name of the other boy. They come to the realisation that this boy was Mayor Choi Do-ha, who assumed the identity of the other boy to get closer to Chairman Kang and exact retribution.

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At Chairman Kang’s office, his secretary tells him his son has sent him a birthday gift. Kang orders him to throw it away. A flashback shows us a woman’s dead body and some eerie paintings scattered around a room. He tells his secretary to make sure his son, a murderer, is not allowed in Korea even after Chairman Kang’s death.

Yoon-gab is given the job of rescuing the elderly man from the nursing home by Chang-ho. Jerry follows him because he thinks he has ulterior motives, but his men catch him and force him into a car’s trunk.

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Chang-ho tells Mi-ho to proceed with the celebration without him as he gets ready for it.

Introduction of Mi-ho

When Mi-ho arrives at the gathering, Gong Ji-hoon welcomes her. She is introduced to Chairman Kang when he arrives and makes a good impression. When Mayor Choi receives a call, he proceeds to another room where his secretary has scheduled a call for him and Yoon-gab. Yoon-gab shoots Chang-ho in the chest during a video call as the mayor sips wine. Jerry, who was able to get out of the vehicle, witnesses Chang-ho being shot.

As the party is dispersing Mi-ho gets a call from Jerry who tells her Chang-ho is dead. Distraught, she shouts and hits Do-ha, who simply leaves. She then collapses from the shock.

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Do-ha goes to the scene of Chang-shooting ho’s by Yoon-gab. He requests to view the body, which Yoon-gab informs him has already been burned. Yoon-gab admits during their conversation that he is aware Do-ha is really Cho Sung-hyun. Chairman Kang and Chang-ho (alive!) receive the footage directly from the camera that was used to film this conversation. The chairman promises Chang-ho he will receive all he wants after they watch the video.


Mi-ho has been admitted to the hospital when Chang-ho comes. He expresses his regret to her and explains how he and Yoon-gab orchestrated the entire scenario.

The Big Mouse firm learns of Chairman Kang’s passing as they are eating at Chairman Yang’s restaurant.

Gong Ji-hoon becomes upset at the burial when he notices that Choi Do-ha is the lead mourner. To Do-surprise, ha’s Chang-ho shows up and informs him that he knows Do-ha was responsible for the chairman’s demise. He promises to expose Do-terrible ha’s deeds to the world.

The episode concludes with Mi-ho bleeding from the nose after discovering blood on her toothbrush.

Big Mouth – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

The Episode Analysis

An additional exciting episode! Even as we get closer to the conclusion, Big Mouse is still a fantastic ride. But when I say that we will riot if anything happens to Mi-ho, I speak for everyone. She has been a remarkable character to this point; feisty, inquisitive, and still full of heart. She did somewhat regress after this episode, but presumably this was an isolated incident.

Chairman Kang

Chairman Kang’s demise is a justifiable act of retaliation, but it leaves me wondering what the show’s ultimate aim is. Is Choi Do-ha the main bad guy now that the Big Bad is dead? But how does this relate to Chang-efforts ho’s to grant Noh Park’s last wish? And why did Do-ha decide to kill him just now? There are many unanswered questions and just two episodes to address them.

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After Doctor Lawyer left our screens, a new series needed to fill the Friday–Saturday time period. Welcome to Big Mouth, a K-Drama with a lot of potential.

The concept of the movie is that Park Chang Ho, played by Lee Jong Suk in the romance novel Romance Is a Bonus, is a lawyer with a dismal success rate. But he talks so much that others refer to him as “Big Mouth.” His involvement in a murder investigation only serves to muddle matters more, and he earns the moniker “Big Mouse,” a genius conman. Suddenly, Park Chang Ho faces a grave danger to his life.

Wife of Mi-ho

His wife, Go Mi Ho (portrayed by Im Yoon Ah), stands by his side and provides both material and emotional support. After finding out that her spouse is thought to be the brilliant con artist “Big Mouse,” she makes a commitment to clear his name.

Episode 13 will be made available to Korean viewers on Friday, September 9, 2022, at 22:00 (KST), though this can occasionally change. The schedule is not expected to change at this time (sometimes this happens in the K-Drama world). The following day, on Saturday, September 10, 2022, Episode 14 would be made available.

The K-Drama episodes 13 and 14 of Big Mouth may be seen by Korean audiences on MBC on the aforementioned date and hour. For viewers outside of Korea, the series will also be accessible on Disney+ in a few locations.

And perhaps more crucially, who plays whom?

Park Chang Ho is played by Lee Jong Suk.
Go Mi Ho as Im Yoon Ah.
Choi Do Ha is Kim Joo Hun.



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