Best Multivitamins For Teenage Growth

vitamins for teenagers
Getting my daily dose of vitamins

For a moment, think that your teen has a slice in breakfast, goes to school, has a homemade lunch that they normally avoid taking, comes back home and goes straight towards the fridge, has an ice cream cup, then a protein bar, a glass of soda, and in dinner, they have a finely cooked chicken with mashed potato. You can see that even if you try to give healthy nutrition, your kids do not have enough healthy food going in their bellies.  

When your teenager’s diet plan is not enough to provide the required energy and nutrition, then you have the option of multivitamins. And for this reason, when you go to a health centre, you will find tens of vitamins and all of them will seem to be perfect for you or your teenagers. You can not choose any of them unless you have the proper knowledge of vitamins and the medical background of the consumer. They are not good for all age groups or with any medical compatibility. 

Buying vitamins for teenagers can be very stressful for you. You must be thinking in your head about whether you are choosing the right vitamin or not? Are they good for them or not? These questions can lead to no result sometimes unless you have done your research. 

Multivitamins are necessary for girls and boys in their own ways. Both need specific kinds of multivitamins to fulfil their body needs to grow properly. Although multivitamins can not replace natural nutrition, still they are helpful in fulfilling the deficiencies of nutrition in the body. 

What kind of multivitamins should teens take?

Multivitamins can be in different forms. These can be a tablet, a liquid, a syrup, an injection or a chewable. But before choosing any vitamin, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor or nutritionist. Below are some of the important vitamins and minerals that are important for teenagers to grow properly both physically and mentally.


Iron is considered the most important mineral for girls, especially if they are having menstruation. During this time, girls lose a lot of blood, which means they will lose the iron level in the body.

Regularly losing iron via blood will cause heavy periods, tiredness, shortness of breath, and lack of energy. To avoid this condition, girls should take iron-rich foods that include red meat, beans, nuts, and dried fruit.

On the other hand, iron is good for the brain because it helps in carrying oxygen with haemoglobin. Men have better hp levels, and hence they have better iron levels. They need it for better brain functionality.  


Nowadays, kids take a lot of junk food and candies that destroy their teeth. They can still resist this if they have a good amount of calcium. Calcium is the key to stronger bones and teeth. If you fulfil your calcium deficiencies during your teenage years, this will be beneficial for you for the rest of your life. Not having enough calcium will result in osteoporosis and many other bone issues. 

Calcium can be gained directly from any dairy products like milk and cheese and from sardine fish if you eat it whole. If you do not like these foods, then you can easily get calcium supplements. 

Vitamin D:

Sunlight is the natural source of Vitamin D. Many teens are facing vitamin D deficiency because of busy schedules and less exposure to the sun. They prefer video games and indoor games instead of playgrounds and sports. Vitamin D supports controlling calcium and phosphate in the body. That means Vitamin D is an important factor for bones, along with calcium. 

Even if you spend all the winters indoors, you should go outside, take part in sports and spend time in the sunlight to get somebody tan and vitamin D free of cost with sunlight. Else, you can take its supplements. 

Vitamin B

Vitamin b12 and b6 play an important role in boosting moods and provide the essential nutrients to help the growth of hair, shiny nails, and better skin. It is important for teen girls as well. It can be found in vegetables and plants. So if you are a vegetarian, then this is good news for you. 

After reading these few vitamins, you must have been thinking that none of them is easy to ignore. And yes, you are correct. Individually they recreate a crucial role in the growth and human body functions. The best way is to make healthy and homemade food that is always enriched with vitamins, calcium and minerals. If any one of these is in deficiency, then you may feel unwell. If you can not take so much healthy food, then the easy solution is always available in the form of supplements.


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