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We took essential details on our gathering of 3 dryer, utilizing a climate meter to test the speed and warmth, an iPhone application to test the volume in decibels, and a postage scale to gauge them. We tracked down that on the top setting, most dryers blew air at around 40 mph as two or three inches away from the spout. That blowing air was around 120 °F (more on the off chance that we held the dryer set up for a couple of seconds), and its volume was around 120 decibels. Albeit a few dryers accomplished quicker wind speeds than others, curiously this didn’t wind up meaning strikingly or reliably quicker dry occasions once we utilized them on our hair.

For the underlying emphasis of this aide for best lightweight hair dryer, we coordinated the models drying a sample of hair from a hairpiece wetted with 5 grams of water, with the dryers on their most noteworthy setting. We tried the dryer that had an on/off switch for particles, the Harry Josh model, in the two positions. In case there were huge contrasts in the nature of the air a dryer radiated, they would show in these tests.

Two things turned out to be clear after our first round of pattern time tests: All of the dryers took pretty much a similar measure of time to dry hair. Seemingly insignificant details, for example, how close we held the dryer or how the hair moved around, were what truly made hair dry quicker or more slowly. In this round, we additionally tracked down that a considerable lot of the dryers had plans that made them irritating to utilize. (See the Competition segment for additional subtleties.)

Do ionic hair dryers work?

A typical component that hair dryer producers promote is the capacity to make hair shinier. At the point when we got some information about the most ideal approach to get sparkly hair, he said: “Utilize an item that leaves the hair gleaming and smooth.” Which is to say, glossy hair doesn’t actually have anything to do with the dryer. Restorative scientific expert Perry Romanowski disclosed to us that the solitary things a blow dryer could do that hair items couldn’t were to “dry the hair all the more consistently and keep hair straight.” Straight hair can be shinier hair: The fingernail skin—the external textured layer of a strand of hair—lies compliment, mirroring light. In any case, regardless of whether you will probably have sparkling, straight hair, the solitary dryer characteristics that will assist you with accomplishing that all the more viably are old fashioned “hot and quick.”

You’ll see a lot of highlights—artistic loops, a particle generator, tourmaline—noted in advertising materials and essentially every other dryer purchasing guide. In any case, those are highlights of virtually all dryers. We visited the hair dryer part of Sephora twice while composing this aide and neglected to remove any sensible explanation from the sales reps with respect to why their curated determination of architect dryers were superior to different choices. One thing that you ought to keep away from are retail representatives who reveal to you that a $200 dryer is unique “since it has particles.”

At last, since we found such countless dryers that fit our rules, we decided to test an underlying gathering of 15 models that had extraordinary audits from different sources, like Good Housekeeping (which, in contrast to most standard magazines, has a testing procedure for its suggested dryers), Amazon, Sephora, and pharmacy sites.

1-Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

On the off chance that you have a great deal (a ton!) of money to spend on a dryer, you should seriously mull over the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. It has reliably been our top pick to use since we initially tried it in 2016. With wind stream at 70 mph and a temperature of 150 °F, it doesn’t dry hair any quicker than our pick (it’s likewise a touch heavier), however the Supersonic is more lovely to use in pretty much every manner because of its extraordinary plan. The engine sits in the handle, making the spout more limited and simpler to move. The handle doesn’t vibrate by any means, which wasn’t valid for other “extravagance” models we tried. It has a pleasant, long, 9-foot string; it’s less grinding commotion shrewd than different dryers; and it accompanies two attractively appending concentrators and a diffuser, which are all particularly simple to add and eliminate mid-victory.


Another spendy dryer, the RevAir is not normal for some other hair-drying, heat-styling device we’ve tried. For individuals with Type 3 or 4 twist designs particularly, this vacuum-like gadget is delicate on delicate strands and can chop down complete drying time fundamentally. One analyzer, who generally requires two consecutive meetings with an expert beautician at Drybar, presently accomplishes comparable drying and smoothing results in just 20 minutes. In addition to the fact that this is a costly machine, it’s tremendous, as well. The hose-joined handheld wand gauges more than our heavier dryer picks (around 2 pounds), however this isn’t appallingly dangerous on the grounds that next to no movement is needed to utilize it. Nonetheless, the whole corded machine has a particularly huge impression contrasted and most different dryers: It weighs around 10 pounds altogether and is the size of a little microwave.

3-Rusk CTC Lite Dryer

On the off chance that our top select is sold, assuming you need an also light and simple to-hold dryer that accompanies a diffuser, or then again if this model is marked down for not exactly our top pick, get the Rusk CTC Lite. Our previous top pick, the CTC Lite has a plan basically the same as that of our present top pick. It positioned among the quickest and lightest dryers we tried, blowing air at 50 mph and weighing 0.95 pound. At 8.5 feet, its string is one of the longest of the multitude of models we tried. Reflexive dark with a basic plan, it will look modern roosted close to a restroom reflect. It regularly costs more than the W8less, however, and it does not have the little depression in the handle that causes that model to feel best in the hand.


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