Beneficial Tips to enhance your home security

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Beneficial Tips to enhance your home security

It’s probably just about everyone’s worst nightmare: you come home to find your entire house looted. There has been a break-in. Yet this still happens in Tampa and increasingly often in broad daylight.

Home burglary is high on the police’s agenda, precisely because it happens so much in the Netherlands. Of course, it is nice to know that the police are actively involved in preventing burglaries, but you can also secure your home yourself and thus reduce the risk of burglary. This way, you keep burglars out, and you can go out or go to sleep with peace of mind.

Burglars can empty your house within 5 minutes. Burglars need about 30 seconds to enter your home, 4 minutes to search and collect the loot, and another 30 seconds to get out again. A burglar can take your valuables with you within 5 minutes.

There are several things you can adapt to your home and your behavior to reduce the chance of burglary. With these adjustments, you make your home a lot less attractive to burglars. Properly securing your home is one of these things.

What exactly can you do to secure your home? In this article, we’ll tell you what you can do to secure your home, and we’ll give you a few more small tips that can help you reduce the risk of burglary.

Securing your home

There are many things that you can adapt to your home, which will make your home a bit safer and less attractive to burglars. The aim of securing your home is to ensure that burglars do not get in. A burglar can usually enter a house that is not properly secured in 30 seconds with the right tools.

Does it take longer than 1.5 minutes to get in? Most burglars will then give up. With the right security, you ensure that a burglar cannot quickly enter your house and therefore drops out.

Sufficient lighting

As you might have expected, Burglars don’t like to be in the spotlight. If they are in the light, there is a greater chance that they will be seen. And that is, of course, exactly what they want to avoid.

We want to prevent our home from a break-in. By ensuring sufficient lighting around your house and in your garden, you deter burglars. They don’t feel seen if they try to enter your house uninvited. You can hang lamps that burn continuously so that burglars immediately see that your home is well lit.

You can also choose to hang lights with a motion detector to scare the burglars. When it is dark, they do not see these lamps hanging. If they come near such a lamp with a motion detector, then this lamp suddenly switches on. This probably shocks the burglar because he didn’t expect to be seen!

Tip: Always try to hang lamps around your home at a safe height, where they cannot be easily broken. In addition to lighting outside the home, lighting in the home is also important. Here too, a burglar does not like too much light. For example, you can leave a light on in the living room in the evening when you go to bed. Or you can also use lamps with a motion detector in the living room.

Security locks

Good locks are the number one method of keeping burglars out. If your window or door has a good lock, it will take a burglar a lot of effort to open it. And then they quit.

It is important to close both doors and windows properly. Burglars do not only enter through doors but also through windows. Close your house well with suitable locks or, for example, window bolts and door handles.

In addition, everything must be locked. A door that is not locked is often easy for burglars to open with, for example, a credit card.

Leaving keys on the inside of the lock is also not a good idea. A burglar can break in a window near the door and easily open the door with the keys.

Alarm system

You can see an alarm system as an additional measure to protect your home. It can deter a thief, but the damage is already done by the time the alarm goes off. After all, the burglar is often already inside.

There are different types of alarm systems. For example, there are systems in which an alarm goes off when a window or door on which a sensor is attached is opened. Other systems work with motion detection. A signal is sent to an alarm center as soon as a movement is registered. The control panel can then alert the resident of the home.

Camera surveillance

Nowadays, camera surveillance is no longer a luxury. There are more and more possibilities in this area. The systems range from simple and cheap to expensive and exclusive. You can view the images via your laptop, telephone, or tablet. So you can keep an eye on your home wherever you are.

Many cameras in and around the house can make you feel safe and deter burglars.

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Anti-burglary tips

In addition to everything you can do yourself in securing your home, there are also several tips that we want to give you. If you pay attention to these small, simple things, you reduce the risk of burglary again. And it takes almost no effort. Securing your home becomes very easy this way.

1. Don’t leave valuables in plain sight

This tip is probably familiar to everyone. Valuables should not be left out of sight. Still, it sometimes happens that you leave something lying around somewhere so that your valuables unintentionally end up in plain sight. In this way, you make your home (and its contents) attractive to burglars. Of course, you want to avoid that. Therefore, always try to keep your valuables out of sight.

2. Also, pay attention to the situation around the house

Not only the situation in the house but also the situation around the house is critical. After all, burglars come in from the outside. For example, note that burglars cannot easily reach the first floor using a container or a staircase outside, for example.

3. Make your home visible

A house that is not visible is attractive to burglars. After all, they run less risk of being caught. It is, therefore, better not to put up a meter-high hedge or trees in front of your house.

By making your house visible, you reduce the chance that your house is interesting for burglars. At the same time, you increase the chance that someone will spot the burglar if there is an unexpected break-in. Social control is greater when your home is visible.


4. Also pay attention to small windows

You may not think about it so quickly because you do not expect a burglar to get in. But a window of about 15 centimeters can be big enough for a burglar to get in. That is why you must always close small windows properly and ensure that these windows are also equipped with a solid lock.

5. Leave an inhabited impression

If burglars know that no one is at home, breaking in naturally becomes even more interesting. Therefore, always try to leave an inhabited impression in your home. If you go out for an evening, leave a few lights on, for example.

If you are going away for a longer period, for example, on vacation, you can install lamps with time switches. Or, for example, ask your neighbors or other acquaintances to walk in now and then to pick up the mail. In this way, you give the impression that someone is at home, and burglars are less likely to break in. For example, ask the neighbors to open and close the curtains or shutters every day. If these are closed for a few days, it quickly becomes clear that no one is home.

6. No Spare key under the mat

We’ve probably used it at some point: the well-known spare key that’s under the doormat or flower pot. Very handy if you have forgotten your keys, such an extra key at the door. Unfortunately, burglars know where to find this key too. And then it becomes a breeze to enter. Therefore, it is better not to leave a key outside the front door.

Tip: Give your spare key to the neighbors or friends so that you can pick it up there if necessary.

If you want to secure your home, there are several things you can do, from installing systems to small, easy things that you simply have to take into account. This way, you make sure that burglars don’t stand a chance with you!

Which way of securing your home do you think is effective? And do you have any other anti-burglary tips?

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