Are Old-school Marketing Techniques Enough for NFTs?


“NFTs would be vital elements in the future.” Sounds funny? Think twice before you laugh out, as someone might capture you while laughing and make fortunes. The way? Converting the image into a non-fungible token and selling it online. 

As NFTs are making bigger strides in digital technology, new utilities for these virtual tokens are being found, and more people support the technology. 

For marketers, though, NFTs look like something that came out of the blue as there is little understanding among the marketing community on how to promote these virtual products to the community and make them buy these. The main reason for such confusion is that most of the world does not know what NFTs are, and they do not even care for those. It would be challenging for marketers to get NFTs to the mainstream audience, although a substantial role exists with NFT creators and sellers.

In this blog, we will see how marketers can efficiently promote NFTs utilizing various strategies that involve some existing ones.

A Little Bit More on NFTs

NFTs, expanded as non-fungible tokens, are unique digital tokens containing detailed asset information. Such information may include the owner history, the previous price for the asset, and more. Every NFT differs from one another, and as data cannot be tampered with, they prove to be proof for ownership for the asset and ensure authenticity.

As of now, non-fungible token assets have been selling in the form of digital art, music, in-game items, virtual lands, and even as an authenticating entity for real-world assets. Currently, NFTs are the focal point for creators and brands alike as they look to leverage newer technology for their survival.

Perhaps, one of the statements from NFT skeptics is that they can screenshot the NFT and thus, can own it without paying a penny. But, what they forget is that, while everyone can access a Picasso’s painting online, only the original painting matters and its owner can truly brag about owning a great picture.

How can NFT Marketers Reach Out to the Public?

As NFTs are gaining more traction and NFT creators are looking to reach out to a wider audience apart from enthusiasts, they reach marketers to promote their products. While marketers can market pretty much everything, hexadecimal numbered digital token that backs an image file takes a lot more effort than anything else. Hence, marketers need to get more creative and adopt traditional and newer strategies to better market the NFT products. Below, you can see some of the methods that can be adopted for effective results:

  • Marketers can utilize social media platforms available to post relevant content and use newer social media advertising features such as Facebook’s Look-alike Audience.
  • They can use the mainstream media to promote the NFTs of their clients easily through press releases, television/radio commercials, and more.
  • Also, NFT marketers can use community-based interaction platforms such as Discord, Telegram, Reddit, and Clubhouse to reach prospective customers personally.
  • Influencers on traditional social media and the crypto world can be great options for marketing NFT items. Their attention to a product increases sales and raises impressions for the website.
  • They can also go like business-as-usual through content marketing, but the content needs to be understandable for everyone while looking to market NFTs to the mainstream public. 
  • Advertisements through web banners and videos can prove to be a great tactic as most smartphone users would somehow come face to face with such content.
  • On a deeper level, marketers can benefit from optimizing search engines through SEO. So that their products rank up high in the search results they need.
  • promotional tools such as PPC or PPI can be used by marketers to garner user attention through inorganic marketing tactics.  

Some Ways Brands Leveraged NFTs to Promote Themselves

As said earlier, more and more brands are choosing to delve into the world of non-fungible tokens to promote their identity to the millennial youth. Let us look at some ways that brands have taken advantage of these unique digital tokens in the following points:

  • Some brands have used NFTs to build awareness around their product, such as the Marriott Group of hotels. These NFTs, while promoting the brand, also served as utility tokens as they came with special redeemable points.
  • Some have adopted NFTs to grow their audience as times change, like the legendary card-maker Bicycle Cards. They have ventured into NFTs to cover more young customers. They might not be aware of how greeting cards were a phenomenon a while ago. Such NFTs also came with utilities such as exclusive access to events, presales, and more.
  • Other brands have come up with the intention to provide a factor of authenticity through NFTs for their physical products to fight counterfeits. 
  • Quite a few brands know that giving back can be a great promotional strategy. And some of those have extended the act of contributing for a cause to NFTs as well. Such brands have contributed their revenue from NFTs for noble reasons, promoting their brand value while giving back to the world.
  • As a strikingly different tactic, a few brands have opted to promote in-person events. The Events such as shows or movies through offering NFTs with tickets on the condition that the NFT is given only if people attend the event. This can prove to be a crowd puller as well as a non-traditional promotional strategy.

The Importance of Selecting an Experienced NFT Marketing Agency

It is critical to select an experienced NFT marketing agency for your project. Since an inexperienced firm cannot manage all of the work. Building trust is essential in NFT marketing since, without it, no one would invest in your project.

An inexperienced organization with inadequate expertise, staff, and experience will be unable to give the necessary exposure for a project. As a result, the project will take longer to complete. And the longer it takes, the less faith there will be in it.

Choosing a truly professional marketing agency is also not as simple as it appears. Because there are a plethora of IT and marketing firms eager to capture any prospects.

If you are looking for an NFT marketing firm, you should first look at their project portfolio First. And then their track record. You may simply accomplish this by looking through their project portfolio. Then going to rating and reviewing websites, and carefully read what others have to say about them. I

A Final Note

If you are a marketer and have read this, I hope you have some valuable insight into marketing NFTs. Although NFTs are currently restricted to a closed circle. The day when everyone owns NFTs just like smartphones is not too far. These marketing strategies would be the main contributing factor behind the movement.   



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