Answer to cope with the rising urgent care billing demands

Urgent Care Billing

Urgent care has always been a lucrative business for years. According to a research study, the recent pandemic has increased urgent care utilization furthermore.

Even though pre pandemic crisis urgent care industry was experiencing huge popularity as an alternative to emergency departments for patients seeking immediate treatment with non-life-threatening conditions; in early 2020, a drop in urgent care volume was noticed prior to the emergency declaration. Which, however, slowly rebounded in late 2020 and urgent care gained its popularity again. In fact, in the year 2020, testing contributed to 40 percent of all urgent care visits.

In 2021, immunization not only peaked at 20 percent but urgent care visits saw a sharp increase of 5 times the amount from its previous peaks. In fact, the urgent care industry is experiencing a new high today; leaving many urgent care providers to reevaluate staffing and scheduling models to account for the increase in the urgent care demand.

Today alternative care centers like retail health clinics, urgent care clinics etc are creating more front end task activities that required experienced resources and this is why Sunknowledge is here to help.

Sunknowledge a better urgent care billing solution:

Helping you manage your urgent care billing a lot better than any in-house billing team, Sunknowledge for the last 15 + years has been delivering outstanding support, especially for front end management tasks to all the urgent care providers. Equally taking complete responsibility for all your back end tasks, Sunknowledge not only offers dedicated assistance in taking care of all your urgent care billing duties but helps in reducing the operational expenses by 80%, sinking your accounts receivable bucket by 30% and also reducing the rejected and denial claims as well.

Offering you customized reporting and leaving no cash on the table, Sunknowledge experts further work on closing the billing gaps effectively so you focus on patient care seamlessly.

So if the rising urgent care demand bothering you or if you are thinking to reevaluate staffing and scheduling models to account for the increase in the urgent care demand; Sunknowledge Services Inc., is the ultimate solution.


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