An Essential Guide to Custom Candle Boxes Wholesale


Custom Candle Boxes Wholesale

We quickly label candles as must-have decorative stuff when we talk about candles. But different candles are used for other purposes, such as scented candles, which have now been used for relaxation therapies. In other words, candles can be seen everywhere. Their demand can ensure the importance of candles. 

The easily accessible and significant number of candle beholders can quickly meet the demand for candles. However, a big crowd of brands has given rise to great competition. To crush the competition, you must know the basic tactics. One of the most effective tools is to have exclusive packaging. 

For this purpose, custom candle boxes wholesale can fulfill your necessities.

Before getting these boxes, you must pay attention to their features. The following guide will help you get proper know-how on custom candle packaging.

Material Options for Candle Packaging

As candles are made of wax, they need favorable conditions to retain their quality and shape. For this purpose, you must wisely choose the packaging medium. Also, different types of candles may be wrapped differently.

For instance, pillar candles may not need a cardboard encasement, but they must be packed in corrugated cardboard boxes for shipping. Anyhow, the following materials are mainly used for candle packaging.

Cardboard Material

It is well-known for its cost-efficiency, strength, and durability. Corrugated cardboard material has a thick and wavy flute sandwiched between the two plane sheets of cardboard. The wider flute you use, the stronger packaging you will get. However, it is also flexible, and you can mild it in different designs, shapes, and sizes.

Cardboard material protects the candle from deformation and works as resistance against moisture, temperature, and pressure. Due to the flexibility, you can have cardboard boxes in flat form for storage, and then you can fold the cut flaps to get a typical box shape.

Kraft Paper

Like cardboard material, kraft medium is also cost-effective. It is made of wood pulp and other biodegradable substances. It is lightweight; however, it can be used for small and lighter products. It can effectively hold the product and protect it from getting damaged. It can be used for gift boxes and can be customized. 

You can get kraft boxes in different designs as it is also highly flexible. Unbleached kraft paper is highly ecological due to its renewability and biodegradability. You can use plain kraft boxes with their rough texture and rusty color. You can also use customized stickers and cards on kraft paper.

Rigid Boxes

As the name shows, these boxes are made of heavy paperboard material. It not only provides more protection but also creates a luxurious sense. These boxes are expensive as compared to the former materials. You can surely go for rigid boxes to make your product extra elegant and luxurious if you have a reasonable budget margin.

It has a smooth texture that is soothing to the touch and gives you sleek packaging. Rigid boxes are far more durable as compared to cardboard and kraft boxes. You can offer customers a considerable durable encasement for the candles using wooden crates. You may also include magnetic enclosures in these boxes to make them user-friendly.

Custom Features

Customizations have become a crucial factor, and without them, you cannot beat the market rivals and roofing brands. You can have a range of custom options for exclusive candle packaging that you can quickly get in wholesale packaging. These custom features are listed below.


You can manufacture different design boxes as there exists a variety of designs. For instance, you can have tuck-end boxes for glass jar candles and mailer boxes for candle kits. The design is not only about the shape and the die cuts of the box. Labeling, colors, font, and overall layout describe your packaging design.

A candle itself is an artistic piece. You must pay great attention to its presentation to make it highly competitive. You must ensure that your color theme would not hide the printing details. Besides, font style and size must also be chosen wisely.


For different candles, you can have different styles. Similarly, you can also have suitable size packaging considering the size of the candles. The suitable size packaging is beneficial for you for many reasons.

It saves your budget as you get the right size for which you need a fixed amount of material.

The correct size box also saves your candle from bulging in the box. In this way, your candles will remain safe from deformation. You may also use inserts in this respect.


You can have different printing options such as litho-printing, flexor printing, silkscreen printing, and digital printing. These methods are other than others, following their image quality and cost. However, you can choose the best way by comparing their specifications.


Including printing details and other visual representations is an essential feature of custom packaging. You can highlight your brand values without it. However, you must wisely include the details.

 For example, you can print the name, ingredients, fragrance name, and net weight of the candles. These details may help the customers to make the right decision without any difficulty.


Different add-ons are offered by packaging companies with which you can improve the worth of your candles. These extra features may include embossing, debossing, and foil stamping. They can be used to print the details and logo designs.

Perks Of Wholesale Packaging

  • The net price cuts down when you get wholesale packaging, and the packaging becomes even more cost-effective.
  • Most packaging companies offer shipment without any cost, especially when you get wholesale packaging.
  • Once you have the 24/7 availability of packaging boxes, you will be able to do quick dispatching. It can be possible with wholesale packaging.


If you are running a large-sized candle business, wholesale packaging will benefit you. Get these boxes evenly customized and include specific details with which you can promote your brand and gain customers’ trust.


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