Amazon FBA Business – Alibaba Sourcing Alternatives


Amazon FBA Business – Alibaba Sourcing Alternatives

Sourcing decisions are crucial for the FBA business as well as veteran sellers. Supplier relations are vital to achieving success in this particular business model. You can start to consider them as your business partners to increase your venture’s scale of operations and profitability. An empathic approach will help you get high-quality products at low costs, something vital for success. 

The next question that comes to mind is from where to source? Many of the entrepreneurs doing Amazon FBA business are already enjoying their stay with Alibaba suppliers and do not want to move to any other sourcing platform. When you start an Amazon business, in the beginning, that makes sense. However, when creating an Amazon FBA business, you do not know how things work.

As you progress further, you will realize that all the business owners like yourself are also using the same sourcing website for buying their products, resulting in stagnation in the quality, uniformity of the products, and difficulty negotiating favorable prices. You have very little room to negotiate. For your business to keep flourishing, you need to keep offering new variety, better the quality of the products, and looking for new innovative products to provide to customers. 

You will have to make a concerted effort to ensure the delivery of high-quality products that also have variations. For this, you need to find new exporters, suppliers, and manufacturers for offering fresh products to your AMZ customers. Else, you will not be able to sustain long-term profits. But, on the other hand, if you keep finding better businesses to source from, you will surely improve your chances of adding to your profit margins and reducing your losses. 

Let us have a look at some alternatives for sourcing for new and veteran sellers. You can save this blog post to refer to later and find it pretty useful for Amazon product sourcing. 

Why Find Alternative Sourcing for Amazon FBA Wholesale Business Model? 

What objectives should you accomplish to achieve with sourcing? First, let us look at some of the points that can assist you in improving the overall procurement process. Here are the things to look for. 

  • To get the lowest possible price when buying a product still insisting on high quality. 
  • Ensure timely delivery to your warehouse. 
  • To reach the manufacturer directly and remove the middleman. 
  • Find a supplier that understands your requirements and is willing to accommodate customizations & modifications. 

Platforms to Consider for Amazon FBA Product Sourcing 

Let us have a look at the platforms that you can consider using for sourcing products. 

This blog post will primarily focus on the wholesale supplier directories available online that you can consider browsing. If you are already working with some suppliers, you can check the same products and their prices with suppliers on other platforms. It is prudent to have multiple-supplier sources in hand, and you can accordingly do your due diligence.

For Amazon FBA business, you can consider It is a directory for the Amazon FBA business model that has a preferential rating system. You can use it to quickly find top suppliers and accordingly optimize the procurement of quality goods. You can also maintain large product categories for your Amazon fulfillment business. has over 5000 top brands from China and the leading suppliers for over 1000 biggest household brands like Huawei, Lenovo, and Xiaomi. features over 1 million SKUs, and 1,000 new SKUs arrive there each day. You can also provide shopping options with its warehouse strategically placed globally, including Czech Republic, England, Spain, and the USA.

The history of dates back to 2006, when it only focused on computer software R&D. The company has since moved to provide international e-commerce services. It is now considered one of the leading online retailers selling a broad category of items. The categories that it covers also include accessories, mobile phones, robots, and electronics. It is a B2C platform that works from the Mainland China and Hong Kong to cater to overseas warehouses, assisting global buyers. is a Korean B2B marketplace. It is considered as one of the top 10 biggest online marketplaces for B2B, having over 2 million companies in its membership. It features over 7 million products and over 3.5 million buyers in its database. It receives close to 4 million visitors each month to its website. Korea remains it be its primary target market. Still, you can use EC21 for finding suppliers in other countries too. EC21 is considered one of the largest databases of Korean Manufacturers around the world.

The Amazon FBA business owners consider a great option as a top wholesale suppliers’ directory with more than 8,000 genuine wholesale and drop-shippers for over 1.6 million products offered at genuine wholesale prices. You will have to pay money for using it for doing ventures in the FBA business model to get the latest on competitor statistics and selling. is a Malta, Florida-based organization established back in 1999. It is a company that researches product sourcing to identify factory-authorized wholesale suppliers and manufacturers who can sell to small home businesses and internet retailers. shares its findings via publishing on the results related to the online wholesale directory. As a result, small and medium-sized retailers can benefit from their services and the online merchants who compete on big online retail markets like eBay and Amazon with an independent e-commerce web presence. is a Chinese equivalent of that facilitates B2B trading. Alibaba features traders not producing the actual products. You can get a chance to interact with the manufacturers directly, so you don’t have to deal with the middlemen and get more competitive pricing. You need to know Mandarin. is a website that acts as a B2B marketplace for buyers, and it can also help with your Amazon FBA business. The company has over 30 offices in China, with 4 million users and subscribers. They have a long suppliers’ list, and they also become part of the tradeshows and exhibitions. So you can consider it for your FBA business. is a more established B2B platform, operating since 1996. It offers many latest products from China and won the Chinese B2B Impact Award as a leading B2B portal. It is also considered a website with easy-to-understand navigation and enabling you to get in touch with suppliers quickly. is a B2B e-commerce website from China, and they usually take bulk orders. You can also work with suppliers offering MOQ or Minimum Order Quantity. DHGate has become popular because of how proficiently it handles payments. They only authorize payments to the sellers when the buyer confirms receipt of the goods during the completion of a financial transaction. 

In the Amazon FBA business, is another crucial website, operating since 2006. When you start Amazon business for FA wholesale, you need to connect with buyers, manufacturers, and distributors. Suppose you are from abroad and do not understand the Chinese language when starting an Amazon FBA business. In that case, you can use this website to choose from different languages to communicate in, including Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, and English. 

Asian Product, serving its customers since 1996, is one of the leading B2B platforms primarily focusing on e-sourcing solutions for small and medium enterprises or SMEs. They have also got a lot of reach with the internet. The primary focus of is suppliers from China and Taiwan. The website’s layout may seem to be a bit old, but it holds a list of pretty good Asian companies.’s history goes as far as more than 20 years, and it started trading back in 1994. It is one of the leaders in the market since 2008. It has also received many awards during the years to recognize its high-quality service, catering to millions of customers, a top Czech joint-stock company.

For Amazon FBA business, you can rely on, a B2B directory for whole suppliers and products. This website can act as a powerful tool for the FBA business model, for finding thousands of already selected wholesalers, distributors, importers, manufacturers, and drop shippers. When you want to use for your FBA business on Amazon, you do not need to get yourself registered and still value money in buying wholesale merchandise. Each item bough is personnel reviewed and screened from the companies listed to confirm actual wholesalers. 

If you are looking for a Chinese B2B global trading platform to do Amazon FBA product sourcing, you can find more than 5 million products on primarily focuses on tech-related products and electronics. It has easy navigation compared to the other Chinese websites. You can consider it for doing Amazon FBA business when you are looking for finished products. You can also directly get in touch with the manufacturers to offer basic customization of your offerings. 

For the FBA business model, is one of the biggest B2B websites found in 2003. It has over 2.5 million users and has over 1.5 million buyers from countries and regions across the globe. has a yearly trade volume exceeding over $5 billion. You can consider it for the FBA business on Amazon and utilize their services involving logistics. The focus as per the company is on building long-term relationships with other platforms. is considered one of the most prominent Chinese directors, which claims to offer many advanced search engine features for finding factories. They have a revenue model which is based on the PPC business model. The factory pays them every time someone clicks a link.’s history goes back to 1996, and it has slowly moved to be one of the top trade leaders offering online and offline services to over 1 million members. It is based on export marketing, and it does more than just a B2B website, assisting with EDI and trade consulting besides offline trade services for SMEs. 

Gong Chang focuses on industrial equipment and heavy machinery. When you want to set up your manufacturing, you need to have a reliable resource for getting the equipment. In addition, you need to learn the Chinese language or have someone who assists in communicating more effectively.

In the Amazon FBA business, you can also use, which was previously knowns as iSupplier Intelligence (ISI). It is an excellent B2B global sourcing company for the FBA business model. The company specializes in offering businesses assistance with sourcing and bridging the gap between the suppliers and buyers. As an entrepreneur of an FBA business for Amazon, you can use it to find out the suppliers and evaluate their services. Some of the criteria you can use include environmental sustainability, regulatory compliance, operational history, and security measurement. is a website that works a lot, similar to Alibaba. However, it specializes more in drop-shipping. You can use the same way as Alibaba for ordering works. However, the drop shippers use it for listing products for their drop-shipping store. 

They can also make a sale or order from the supplier with customers’ information. In addition, entrepreneurs can rely on for handling payments and shipments. 

You can also hire professional virtual assistant services for Amazon to get help. 

One other thing that you can use for is for knowing the price difference. You also need to note that Doba charges for its services and offers a limited free trial. It is considered one of the leading online product sourcing marketplaces for retailers and wholesale suppliers. is considered an M2B marketplace (Manufacturer to Business) to find certified suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters from Hong Kong and China.

Another dropshipping platform to consider is, where you can sell products on the internet without having a warehouse. 

It is a California-based online platform that the manufacturers can use for finding work and working with local partners from across the globe.

It is a B2B platform for businesses operating from Africa. The platform enables them and businesses globally to buy and sell products in a very secure environment.

For Amazon FBA business, is considered one of the leading international trading platforms for regular products. It can also be used for bankrupt stocks, overstocks, liquidation stocks, customer returns, and other wholesale goods, catering to 30K plus users and spread to over 150 countries. So you can consider it for FBA business too. is also somewhat similar to If you are looking to buy wholesale products for your Amazon FBA business, you can get discounts on shipping. Although you may not find it giving deep discounts like other big companies, still, it is considered a trendy company and good for finding fashion-forward goods.

When you start an Amazon business, you need to have diversification. is considered one of the top companies globally that concentrate on providing goods at discounted prices and entrepreneurs ordering online or picking them up from nearby brick-and-mortar stores. 

JD is short for Jiandong Mall, a website that was previously running as “360 Buy”. It is considered as one of the top competitors for Alibaba from China. You can use it to start an Amazon business. When you are creating an Amazon FBA business in electronics, you can rely on its specialty store. The website now also caters to other categories, including garden fixtures, homes, accessories, and clothing. It is considered a trusted name within the eCommerce organizations based out of China. The limitation is that, for selling with them, you need to have a company operating from China, including Hong Kong and overseas territories. 

It is considered one of the leading B2B websites from China that focuses on domestic trade and Mandarin.

You can find business listings for manufacturers for China and Taiwan here. It provides coverage to a wide range of products and with a strong emphasis on industrial equipment.

It is the website that officially represents the Yiwu Commodity markets. Yiwugo has dedicated itself to the investigative development of the Yiwu markets for an online and offline business. In addition, Yiwu assists the physical stores in getting a web presence. 

For Amazon FBA business, you can also consider It is a company operating since 2002 and viewed the official website for trade from Taiwan. If you think it for the Amazon FBA business model, you can as it is backed by the country’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade, and Taiwan External Development Council. Moreover, it has more than 60 offices around the globe with an extensive searchable database covering Taiwanese manufacturers. 

You can use’s broad network to coordinate your Amazon fulfillment business requirements. is the leading B2B platform for small businesses in India and from around the world. The website has been operating since 1996. It covers a vast number of company profits and over 2300 product categories and subcategories. You can also consider it for your Amazon FBA business. 

When you look to get in touch with Indian suppliers for your Amazon FBA business, you can consider It can surely fit the purpose of the FBA business model, having access to a platform built for the SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) and large organizations and individuals.

It is another excellent website for the FBA business model, maintaining an extensive database consisting of verified Vietnamese factories. This website is backed by the country’s Ministry of Industry and Trade. It is considered an excellent resource for the entrepreneurs of FBA business for Amazon, having top-quality suppliers in large numbers. They also have a database with a lot of valuable industry-specific information related to Vietnam. You will also find their agricultural products, including lychee and coffee.

It is a website operating since 2009, which initially started as a trade journal to market businesses and companies from Vietnam to a global market. During this time, they have expanded and now provide a searchable database, including industry-specific publications and tradeshow promotions, an excellent source for your FBA business for Amazon.

Washin Engine Co owns, a Japanese enterprise. For doing Amazon FBA business in Japan and finding a database of companies operating there, you can use it. These are the Japanese companies that have manufacturing and business interests in Vietnam. The website is easy to navigate and in the English language. Japanese firms manage most of the factories they have listed, and thus, you can find manufacturers that deliver high-quality products.

When you want to work with American companies for the FBA business model in Vietnam, you can consider You can use their extensive database of suppliers for FBA business on Amazon, shortlisting them category-wise. However, the website still needs to uplift its navigation, design and add more resources. 

B2B China Sources 

B2B Manufacturers also run B2B China Sources to help you better connect with the buyers and manufacturers in the Republic of China (Taiwan) and mainland China. Therefore, you can enjoy Taiwanese quality with Chinese prices. 


Marker’s Row

It is a Brooklyn, New York-based organization, having a database of American Manufacturers and product-based businesses. The company was first formed for connecting buyers of leather fashion goods with the markets in the United States. However, they have expanded to provide a broader range of industries. They are also considered as one of the most extensive databases for American suppliers and manufacturers.

When considering contract manufacturers and rental time for machine space instead of finished products, comes to mind. If you require a CNC machine manufacturer and you are finding and can contract with them. They enlist manufacturers from across the world. Most of the suppliers they have are located in the US. You can consider when contacting directly the manufacturers who also own the brand for Amazon FBA business. 

This website is beneficial when you want to locate American product manufacturers for your FBA business. In addition, it is a great tool that can help those who wish to have custom product design and private label owners who want to supervise the manufacturing process.

It is a good tool for the Amazon FBA product sourcing, which focuses on Canada and Mexico. The company behind has been around for over 100 years. Initially, it maintained a B2B register for assisting buyers in locating suppliers. The company claims to have more than half a million suppliers and over one million buyers that rely on their services. A paywall protects the information and but you can test their services via a free trial. is for those companies that want to do Amazon FBA business by relying upon it. You can start an Amazon business by depending on this B2B portal to connect with buyers globally with the sellers in Vietnam. 

When you are just starting an Amazon FBA business, you may need to remain updated on the latest exporters new from Vietnam. can help you stay informed with an updated directory of companies in Vietnam. is mainly a B2C website. You cannot sell on as for the Chinese entrepreneurs. The focus is on the suppliers, and the sellers from China can only sell on An Amazon FBA business can buy from here and sell the products in the market.

If you are looking for manufacturers in the US and globally, you can use If you follow the Amazon FBA business model focusing on electronics or finding electronic components for your private label, you can get the exact specifications here. The primary audience of this website is engineers and those with advanced technical knowledge. 

This website acts as a search engine for helping you locate factories. Just add the product you want, and you will quickly create a list of 10 factories. 

Go4WorldBusiness is a global online B2B marketplace for finding manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, and more. It is a Delhi India-based organization, established in 2007. The website mainly aims at small markets with the niches that haven’t realize their full B2B market potential. The countries it covers include Bolivia and Sri Lanka, among others. You can utilize this for your Amazon fulfillment business. is operating since 2002. It has a global focus on the B2B marketplace. The website needs to improve its interface and also add to the database. However, you can still search by country and also look for marketplaces in smaller countries. can help you quickly find a supplier for the countries that are underrepresented and small in size. 

Hong Kong Trade Development Council

The Hong Kong Government backs the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. You can use it to connect more than 135K Hong Kong-based companies with international buyers. A lot of the manufacturers operating from Hong Kong have moved out with just the corporate offices there. 

You can use this as a source for Amazon’s FBA business. Besides relying on the Chinese manufacturers, you can also use the ones in Hong Kong for the Amazon FBA business model. 

In the Amazon fulfillment business product sourcing, you can use this guide to get the right direction. 

Author Bio is a leading Amazon FBA consultant offering its services to clients across the is a premium Amazon FBA Private Label & Wholesale Consultancy assisting in managing your AMZ store including private label, micro-private label, listing optimization (SEO), product photography, 3D rendering, videography, EBC / A+ Content, PPC, Packaging, Design (including Store Branding), and reinstatement of suspended AMZ accounts.


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