Amazing Virtual Corporate Event Ideas

Virtual Corporate Event Ideas

The shift to virtual events and work from home culture taught us the importance of human connections. Today, it has become even more vital for companies to formulate unique virtual corporate event ideas for their corporate online events. These virtual corporate team-building activities reinforce team bonding and deliver life-like event experiences. 

An ideal virtual event platform and skillful event planners can help you create unique and remarkable events. They leverage the advanced event technology, engaging tool, and exciting features to help replicate the experiences of an on-site event.

Let us take you through some amazing virtual corporate event ideas;

Get noteworthy speakers on board

Speakers play a crucial role in elevating the level of your virtual corporate events. You can appoint senior managers of your company or industry experts as the speakers of your event. With years of experience, they are familiar with the art of delivering content exceptionally. Through this exceptional art of presenting the content, they also know how to keep the attendees engaged and hooked. At times, they share excellent examples and insights that inspires and fascinates all the attendees.

Live chat feature

It is an excellent feature that allows the attendee to interact with the speakers in real-time. You can choose to keep both 1:1 and group discussion features. The live chat feature helps replicate the experiences of an on-site event by encouraging 2-way interactions. 

Conduct live polls, surveys, and Q&As

Live polls, surveys, and Q&A sessions help you gauge the engagement level of the audience. You can think of keeping this during the session to make it more interactive and engaging. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that your virtual event platform is proficient and capable of doing such activities efficiently. 

You can pre-plan the session-specific questions that you would like to ask your attendees to offer a novel and unique experience. 

Prepare engaging content

Content is the key to any successful online event. So, take your time, prepare the content, and decide the order of its presentation. We all understand that distractions are just a single click away for your virtual attendees. Hence, delivering exceptional content can make your events more value-yielding. 

Include breaks between the sessions

The attention span of an attendee is very short during any virtual event. So, it is vital to decide the duration of your session strategically. You should include proper breaks in between the sessions. It will allow the attendees to take a break, energize themselves, and push back with more enthusiasm. 

Consider including a break just before a crucial session. It is an effective strategy to ensure that everyone pays attention and the purpose of the session is fulfilled. 

Allot some time for a casual chat

Since it’s a virtual corporate meeting, it does not mean that you cannot add fun and interesting elements. You can think of beginning the event with an exciting ice breaker activity. You can ask your employee about the most desirable place that they would like to visit this year, or their formulated goals they want to achieve in the next 5 years, or you can ask something related to their hobbies or passion. It is a great way to keep your audience involved and hooked throughout the event.

Virtual award show

It is an excellent occasion to celebrate the company’s wins. You can decide on some award categories and then analyze the departments that contributed the most towards the organization’s growth. During a virtual award show, you can present awards to the most dedicated and passionate employees. It will help keep them motivated and inspire them to work even better.

Trivia game show

A Trivia Game is an excellent virtual company event idea to stimulate the competitive side among all the attendees. Consider selecting a learned game show host to let your entire team involve and engage. This exciting trivia game when conducted by a wise and entertaining host becomes even more appealing. You need to set some basic rules in advance to avoid cheating. The trivia game will lighten up everyone’s mood and make the event more likable.

Social wall

It is an amazing virtual corporate event idea to promote engagement among the attendees. Social wall curates the feed from different social media channels that the attendee posts related to the event. Attendees can update pictures, videos, and boomerang using event-specific hashtags. It will increase the social presence of the company and enhance its reach to a global audience.


Branded photobooths let you capture multiple photos with your family, kids, or pets. It is an exciting activity that brings smiles to the faces of your employees. It is a novel way to deliver memorable and bizarre event experiences.

Live-streaming your virtual event

Live-streaming your event is a great way to enhance the outreach of your event and brand. Besides promoting your event, it will also help you deliver the content and services of your brand. You can choose to conduct multi-channel streaming. Make the most of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube to spread more awareness about the online corporate event.

Virtual scavenger hunt

An online scavenger hunt, sounds interesting right? An active host asks the attendees to grab one object at a time. It could be a handkerchief, a teddy bear, a watch, or a mask. The attendees should immediately go and find these items! The first participant to come back to their seat with the item is the winner. You can repeat this around 5-7 times and the one who comes first for the maximum time wins the game.

Sending goodies or swag bags

You can also include this awesome idea in your virtual company events. It will make your employees feel special and valued. You can send them some coupons that they can use for discounted shopping or some goodies and badges that will make them realize that they are a valuable asset to the company.

Wrapping up

Virtual corporate events can include impressive ideas to deliver unique and bizarre event experiences. For this, all you need is an ideal virtual event technology that can elevate the level of your event and leave an impactful impression on everyone.


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