All You Need to Know About Air Cushion Machine

Air Cushion Machine

If you ever had exposure to a company that ships products, you can understand the worth of packaging the items securely. In such a case, you’ll come across various protective packaging machinery. However, an air cushion machine is the most frequently used among all.

Usually, an air cushioning system generates the air pillows that protect your goods while transporting them to the customers. You may buy these air pillows from the stores, but they will cost you a pretty much. Therefore, it is preferable to buy your own air cushion machine.

Believe me, it will be a great decision!

Before taking any step, it is important for you to understand the functioning of the air cushion machine in detail. So, let’s dive straight into the article!

How to set up an air cushion machine?

In case you’re going to use this machine at home for packaging the items, you must know its correct use. It is not possible to operate it perfectly if you are not aware of its setup.

Therefore, have a look at the below-mentioned steps for a better understanding.

  1. Insert the film roll holder

After removing the machine from the packaging, you need to fix some parts. The first and foremost step is to adjust the film roll holder. It allows you to fit the specific film you need to go with.

Use the tools to fix it perfectly on the machine. At last, tighten it for better security.

  1. Operations

As soon as you’re done fixing the parts of the machine, connect the electrical power. Then turn on the power switch. At this spot, the machine undergoes a heating process.

In some air cushion machines, you may adjust the temperature according to your requirements.

  1. Install the film roll to the roll holder

Installing the film roll is a pretty simple and easy step. You will observe a groove in the roll film, ensuring that it aligns with the feeding roller protruding part.

There are a variety of films available in the market, each producing different shapes. You can get one of your choices. The shapes may include;

  • Air pillow
  • Supertube
  • Double cushion
  • Quilt film
  • Bubble quilt film
  1. Pass the film through the nozzle

After adjusting the film roll to the roll holder of the air cushion machine, find the feeding tube of the film. Then carefully put it on the feeding shaft or air nozzle.  Make sure you pull the roll film close enough that it touches the hot sealing wheels.

  1. Press the feed button

Finally, press the feed button. Doing this allows the machine to pull out film between the wheels and start making air cushions. You may adjust the feeding speed and size of the air pillows under formation, in most air cushion machines.

  1. Power off

As soon as you’re finished with making the desired air cushions, tear off the film perforation line. Then eject the film roll completely out of the roll holder. Now, you can switch off the button and disconnect the electrical power.

Why should you get an air cushion machine?

You might be wondering why you need to buy an air cushion machine?

The answer to your query lies below;

●  Save money

It saves your money a lot as you will not need to buy the air cushions from the market. Instead, you can generate them at your home or workplace.

These machines are capable of dealing with various types and sizes of cushion films. You are able to adjust the temperature, speed and airflow.

●  Save time

The air cushion films contain perforation lines which makes them easy and quick to tear off. Thus this triggers the speed of the packaging process and saves your time.

Moreover, it heats pretty fast within 30 seconds.

●  Save space

These air cushion machines are pretty small in size, so you can place them wherever you want. It will cover a little space in your room. You can easily place them on your work table.

●  Lightweight and highly portable

The machine is lightweight, therefore it is easily portable. You can take it wherever you need to use it.

●  Better for the environment

Air cushions are environmentally friendly. This is because they are mostly reusable and recyclable.

How to choose the best air cushion machine?

In order to, buy an air cushion machine you have to take the  following considerations;

  • The quality of the product should be awesome like it should be made up of high-quality materials.
  • It should possess remarkable features. For instance, the speed, temperature and airflow should be adjustable.
  • Make sure the services are good. The salesperson should be professional.
  • The packaging of the machine should be pretty secure so that it can not damage during transportation.
  • It must come with a guarantee of at least half a year or more.
  • It should be of reasonable price.
  • It must be convenient to use, especially the operations should be perfect, i.e, LED screen display.
  • It should allow you to change the air cushion film rolls of different shapes and sizes, any time you want.

It is better to contact the seller after choosing any air cushion machine. Inform the seller about your requirements and ask whether this machine will suffice your needs or not. Therefore, with the help of sales staff, you can make a better choice.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, an air cushion machine is a perfect partner for inflatable packaging. Inflatable packaging is becoming more and more popular with time.

I’ll suggest you not refrain from this machine just because of cost. You’ll come across its worth after using it. As it makes your work more efficient and quick.

These air cushions will never let your items be damaged during their transportation or shipping. Therefore buy an air cushion machine and feel secure!




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