A Tale Of Two Fabrics: Kota Doria Vs Dobby Print

Kota Doria

Do you know what makes Kota Doria famous among the modern fashion world?  The answer is its unique square pattern. These checks are the result of its different making . On the other side, there is another material that is famous owing to its production method- Dobby fabric. This fabric has a texture that cannot have with other materials. 

In the modern vogue industry, kota doria suits are the best choice for daily routine. On the other side, for home furnishing modal dobby fabric is top of the line.   

But are you aware about other features of these fabrics along with uses? No, then go through the post and get to know everything regarding such materials. 

Features of Kota Doria’

Delicate and fine material 

This very light and airy fabric is a godsend in the summer, particularly for Indian housewives. Aside from that, it is quite comfy and requires very little upkeep, making it a favorite with both traditionalists and Millennials alike.

Durable and soft 

Cotton gives the fabric strength and stiffness, while silk lens transparency and a shiny finish to it, resulting in a robust but soft final product.

Moisture wicking quality 

The presence of the Chambal river in Kota keeps the air moist, which results in the production of fine-count cotton. The delicate Kota Doria weave is made possible by the use of low-count cotton yarn.

Sheer: Kota Doria is indeed sheer in presence due to its combination of cotton and silk yarn.

Shimmer: Mesh with zari gives a beautiful shimmer to the fabric. 


In ancient India only royalties used Kota doria,.But with the evolution, the application of this fabric for outfits like sarees is a trend. Now this material has a link with auspicious activities.

Clothes: Saree and suits from this material are useful for royal look.  If you are looking for kota doria dress material online, you can visit fabriclore. We have an amazing range of this fabric for outfits.  

Home furnishing: Handbags like slings, tote and shopping bags with some small pouches are best to create out of it.  

Accessories: Curtains are the best use of it.  

Dobby fabric and its features 


Aside from that, it has a nice drape, is elastic at times, and is adaptable enough to serve a variety of purposes. For those of you who hate doing laundry, there is also a lack of wrinkles.

Unique texture 

A zig-zag weave pattern makes it look great. When it comes to adaptability, this weave pattern is an enigma. Using finer strands results in a raised texture in the cloth, and this is one example of a dobby weave.


A relatively simple manufacturing method means that dobby fabric may be offered at a reduced price. Because the dobby weave produces tiny and basic geometric motifs, it is inexpensive. 

Small geometric patterns 

Small geometric patterns and designs distinguish this product from others outside its texture. Despite the fact that similar patterns may be seen on other fibers, dobby is the consequence of the process of making it.

Less complicated than jacquard 

For the most part, the forms this weaving method creates are basic patterns that don’t need a great deal of time or effort to make. The jacquard weave technique is the best option if you’re looking for complex patterns and designs. The dobby isn’t very difficult or complex.

Care and cautions 

Finally, since it is wrinkle-resistant, it makes washing a breeze.


Clothes: With this beautiful texture, you can create various outfits such as shirts especially polo shirts. For women, this fabric is preferable for evening dresses. 

Accessories: Handbags can be designed with this material which gives elegance to the look. 

Now you know Kota Doria and Dobby fabric is versatile and can pair with some other fibers. If you are looking for routine dress then go with cotton dobby fabric. But if you are going for a party look with elegance jump with  kota doria dress material or viscose dobby fabric.


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