A Guide About Tower Crane Safety And Security

A Guide About Tower Crane Safety And Security
A Guide About Tower Crane Safety And Security

Security and safety for tower cranes is a constant issue for construction areas where cranes are utilized. Naturally, safety and security are important when construction takes place. However, it’s more crucial when tower cranes are involved.

Using a standard operating protocol (SOP) is a crucial step to ensuring the safety of your workers and your materials. It could even ensure the construction site security itself and your timetable to complete.

Security is a crucial element of the SOP. This guide will assist you in getting more information on how to ensure that your site is secure.

How Common Are Tower Crane Accidents?

Tragically, tower crane accidents occur yearly, and the results are usually devastating. The possibility of losing life in an accident involving a tower crane is quite high due to the massive dimensions of the crane.

And its weight, the weight it could have to lift at the time of the incident, and the sheer number of workers working at the site.

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) figures, 1 out of five workers killed in their work is an employee of the construction industry.

There are four major causes for so many accidents involving construction workers. OSHA describes them as “the Fatal Four:

  • Falls cause around 33% of deaths.
  • The impact of objects accounts for around another 11 percent.
  • Electrocution accounts for 8.5 percent of deaths.
  • “Caught-in/between” causes 5.5% of deaths.

This last category includes people who are trapped in or compressed by machinery. This includes workers struck or crushed due to falling objects and collapsed structures or machinery like cranes.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has data showing that, on average, 44 workers die yearly due to crane-related accidents. This does not include non-workers as well as the ever-growing number of criminals!


Trespassers’ definition has changed throughout time. This category can also include:

  • Children in search of a new playground
  • People hurrying to get home using the construction site
  • Urban explorers

The “urban explorers” are the most frequent trespassers and pose the biggest threat to your business. This includes those who enter construction sites to film themselves performing risky tricks on cranes.

They then upload photos of their “daring deeds” on social media to be famous and make money. Here’s what you should be aware of about urban explorers:

  • A few have gone beyond just getting into and climbing over the equipment hazard.
  • They’ve learned they can develop an audience and earn money by engaging in illegal activities.
  • However, this can only inspire others to follow their steps!
  • Social media was a way to display their ever-increasingly dangerous actions.
  • Instead of showing just pictures of panoramas taken from the top of buildings, these photos are suspended or even falling from these same buildings.
  • They’ve now turned their attention towards tower cranes.

The urban thrill-seekers have put first responders in danger when they attempt to rescue them from cranes. It will inevitably happen, and thrill-seekers could suffer severe injury or even death when climbing tower cranes.

Though they’re tragic, these events can also cause a lot of damage to the construction firms in control of the cranes that were involved in the incident ensuring construction security.

It’s essential to incorporate security measures to deter trespassers into the safety of tower cranes for companies and security programs.

Improving Safety & Security

Beware of tower cranes that could cause accidents.

A comprehensive understanding of the risks of cranes is a crucial first step to improving crane safety at the work site. The most dangerous risks are as follows:

  • The power line can result in electrocution for anyone who comes into contact with the crane.
  • Excessing the crane’s capacity may cause it to tip over or buckle, causing injury to or killing anyone within its range.
  • Inadequate support for the crane using outriggers could cause it to tip over.
  • Not properly supporting the boom in disassembly could cause it to collapse on the workers nearby.
  • Insufficiently constructing a solid and level, the solid foundation could put everyone in the crane at risk if it begins to slide or tip over.
  • A clear view is vital to the safe operation of the crane!
  • Workers who fall and are caught in the path of the crane are usually caused by a poor vision from the crane operator.

How can you reduce the chance of a tragic accident involving a crane occurring on your work site? Make sure every crane is regularly inspected and properly maintained.

They should also always be operating following all applicable safety protocols. OSHA standards outline appropriate standards for operating cranes and must be observed whenever a crane is on the job site.

Some of these regulations comprise:

  • Only qualified and trained employees operate the crane.
  • Each crane’s capacity for load is indicated on it.
  • Ensure excellent visibility by ensuring that the cab is clear of obstructions.
  • Spotters are trained to use approved hand signals or radio to communicate effectively with the crane operator.
  • They are utilizing warning devices to alert workers and other people when cranes begin lifting a weight.

By adhering to OSHA guidelines and industry-leading practices, you will drastically reduce the risk of a tragic crane accident on your job site. Implementing the right safety measures will aid in preventing any accidents after hours that can occur after the job site shuts down, too.

The Benefits Video Camera Alarm System

Imagine the devastation of a trespasser sustaining a fatal injury or death at your workplace. In addition to the shame and damage to morale in the workplace, the incident could trigger an embarrassing public relations disaster.

You can also add a potential lawsuit and an increase in the cost of insurance, and the results could be catastrophic. There are actions you can take to avoid such a situation.

Most crucial is installing a quality alarm camera system that can notify you about the presence of intruders before they could cause chaos or start dangerous stunts.

Security personnel monitors CCTV surveillance systems with experience in law enforcement during the crucial night hours, from 6 pm until 6 am.

When you identify a trespasser, the system will start flashing red and blue lights, sound an audio warning and inform police authorities of the trespass.

These systems of surveillance also assist with other security and safety concerns by noting possible problems before they happen and also:

  • Be aware of any vandalism that could affect the safety of the equipment.
  • Report maintenance issues not properly addressed or a failure to perform proper security check-ups.
  • Find any other risky methods that could lead to an accident.

A tower crane at your job site raises various security and safety concerns. Following the relevant rules and regulations along with industry-leading methods will drastically reduce the chance of an accident occurring with the tower crane.

Confidence in the experts from A List Security to highlight security flaws and deal with the trespassers can give you more assurance.

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Are you searching for an alarm system that monitors your construction site, festival, workplace, or any other location or event?

Call us now to speak with a security professional about the best way to create an individual security solution for your specific location or event. We’re also available to answer any questions regarding tower crane security and safety.


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