8 Tips to Sleep Well and Have a Merrier Morning

8 Tips to Sleep Well and Have a Merrier Morning

Do you encounter a hard time stepping out of bed every morning?

 Yes, it is hard to wake out of your dreams in the real world, but it is important.

Individuals find it hard to respond to the alarm blaring beside them. It could be because of thought-processing, thinking about taking out loans like a provident in Ireland or having an exhaustive day.

Every new beginning starts with an energetic morning. The article discusses ways to kick-start your day by feeling light and happier..

Tips to have a peaceful morning

The fact is happiness doesn’t meet you in hassle.  It is something that you must continuously prepare your mind for. Preparation begins with cultivating healthy thoughts in your mind and reading. You do not need to be a bibliophile to have a calming morning. A few pages a day works well. One must regularly engage in stuff that makes one feel complete and delighted. A happier day ensures a soothing sleep and a fresh morning. Let’s discuss ways to affirm a cheerful morning:

1)      Keep your phone away

Individuals use a smartphone to explore everything in the world during night hours. Apart from affecting the eyes, it affects the sleeping pattern, too. Disturbed sleep leads to further issues like headaches and inactivity.

 Thus, it is advisable not to use your smartphone while you go to sleep.  Also, it shouldn’t be the first thing you see in the morning.  Instead, take a deep breath and meditate during the night and the moment you wake up. It helps ensure a sound and balanced mind.

2)      Do not set snooze

Hitting the snooze button, again and again, is the most disturbing part of a beautiful morning. Setting up snooze is known as drockling. Drockling disturbs the body clock and the mind’s response to uncertain situations.

And when you finally get off the bed, you wake up confused. Confusion will be the last word in the dictionary you would like to begin your day with. Instead of setting endless snoozing alarms, set an alarm 20-minutes early. It will help you gain consciousness from a deep sleep and wake up on time.  Select an alarm tone that resonates with your sleeping pattern and personality.

Also, don’t lie in bed for long, waiting to be woken up by someone else. Prepare yourself mentally for the day. You can put your alarm clock far off from your sleeping place. The urge to close it instantly will help you wake up with eyes wide. You can keep it on a top-shelf.

3)      Have minimal lighting while sleeping

Lighting is the biggest obstacle to a peaceful sleep. One does not realize it until one book an appointment doctor for recurring headaches. Instead of adding a soothing touch to the peaceful night, lighting disrupts sleeping patterns. One wakes-up feeling restless in the lights. Identify the luminous things around your bedroom which could distract your sleep. Switch off these lights. If street lights bother you, just put on a sleep mask to block the light as you sleep. It is the best way to minimize sleep distractions and wake up fresh.

4)      Re-design your bedroom 

If you face multiple issues having a window nearby your bed, you can re-design your bedroom. Get light-blocking curtains and a noise-reduction device for your bedroom.

Install the device near the window of your bedroom. Is your room too messy to sleep peacefully? Get up and shuffle the things up! Re-arranging things calms the mind and neatness help one ensure a satisfactory sleep.

Instead of sleeping in flashy lights, check out dim light bulbs and dress your room. If your room invites too much dust, you can install an air purifier. It helps ensure fresh air and prevents one from developing serious allergies. Allergies affect the sleep pattern significantly. Check out your routine and change your room.  It is an ideal route to soothing mornings.

5)      Practice journaling

One of the best techniques to ensure a sound and peaceful sleep is – JOURNALING. How often do you write?

 If it’s been a while, then you can start it now. Journaling helps release stress associated with discrete events in life and grants internal satisfaction. Internal satisfaction is directly proportional to sound sleep.

If you fear writing, begin just with a few sentences. Do not fear it as you do not have to write an elongated text to ensure a night of sound sleep. Just pen down your day’s events, followed by your thoughts.  Keep a writing copy handy and scribble something every time you go to bed.

The practice will help improve your routine and ensure a peaceful sleep. The clarity of thoughts ensures a fresh and peaceful morning. If you do not get any ideas for writing, you can prepare a to-do list for your day. It will help you remain alert and rationalize things with better thought processing.

6)      Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is a parcel of an individual’s nature. It defines one’s personality and nurtures it. According to psychologists, “Gratitude works wonders for ensuring a good sleep.”  Thus, review the things you are grateful for in your life before you go to bed. Think about the incidents that helped you recover from an issue.

Think about the people who helped you think a notch higher and overcome the struggle. Thinking about positive outcomes helps release dopamine. Dopamine plays a key role in regulating mood and releasing negative thoughts.

 Negativity is directly or indirectly related to overthinking. One overthinks when something negative happens or shares the possibility of the same. This negativity affects neuro-balance and, eventually, sleep. Thus, instead of making negative thoughts your constant partner, focus on practising gratitude and re-live the moment. Thinking about positive stuff not only ensures a sound sleep but a fine morning, too. Gratitude blesses the present and nurture the future too.

7)      Perform light Exercises

Exercises boost up your morning routine and that’s a fact. However, light exercises and meditation in the night ensure a night of deep and comfortable sleep. You do not have to engage in full-fledged exercises at night. Try a normal brisk walk or breathing exercises.

It not only helps improve your health but makes you exhausted enough to sleep tight. You can consult an expert to know the right exercise according to your body and muscular definition. In short, apart from having a healthy morning routine, it is critical to have a sound night routine too. As experts say, “A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body.” Work towards it and the results will amaze you.

8)      Pamper yourself

It is another way to light up your morning and wake up happy. Life is harsh sometimes and the best we can do is- keep grudges at bay and celebrate what we own. Write a thankful note to your “inner self” and appreciate every decision you took to improve your life. Whether it is about taking quick loans in Ireland with no guarantor successfully or helping someone. You did well there. You are progressing.

 Prepare yourself for the next day with a careful affirmation, “Rule the day” or “You are going great”. These minor efforts affect our thoughts and rep-design our inner-self. It encourages one to ensure a productive day ahead and hold on to hope. Pampering help ensure a peaceful sleeping pattern and is a reassurance to a fine morning.

These ways not only ensure a sunny morning routine but ensure healthy mental health too. Which of these do you like the most? Comment.


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