8 Steps to Your Perfect Eye Makeup

eye makeup

It’s as if applying eye makeup is quite intuitive, at least for the main part. This is until you get out or browse Instagram to see what a better makeup artist you can be. You may look at YouTube tutorials as well as follow makeup professionals on Instagram, but there are always techniques you can apply to enhance your eye makeup game. Before we begin the steps to follow there are a few tips to ensure that your eye makeup stays on for.

There are women who are able to create beautiful sophisticated, intricate smoky eyes in just ten minutes, and others are struggling to keep their eye when applying eyeliner. It’s true application of eyeliner is a learned ability that requires patience, practice, the right products and more importantly patience! Although everyone has their own perception about what is what constitutes the “perfect” eyes makeup appearance, there are useful tricks and techniques that will give you the right direction.

Eye makeup is a craft of the goddesses, and what it can do on your appearance is amazing. It instantly alters your appearance, making you appear amazing and stunning. The only requirement to perfect your eye make-up is a knowledge of how to choose the perfect shades, and a few basic guidelines.

We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to be a pro to achieve the perfect eye makeup Begin small and then practice until you’re able to apply it just like your favorite beauty blogger! An eye makeup kit that is a starter’s kit makeup is the palette, a couple of shades, a tiny makeup brush, and some ideas to master the stunning eye makeup techniques.

The best way to do this is to choose an eyeshadow primer of good quality and an excellent quality eyeshadow. A quality primer, like Lakme Eyeshadow Primer, can be the difference between your look and your style. Apply it as a base for your makeup and it will remain intact through sweat, rain and even the most gruelling on oily day. Concerning eyeshadows in general most of them barely appear on the lids or disappear after a couple of hours. If you’re looking for why prices differ when it comes to eyeshadows, this could be the answer. If you discover an excellent pigmented eyeshadow that you like, stay with it. After that, explore the many shades (and brands) that are available.

Once you’ve got your tools,

First step: apply concealer

The goal of this initial step is to lighten the appearance of your eye area. Applying concealer and dabbing it with your fingertips or a brush for concealer to the areas of purple and blue in the area around (in particular, under) the eyes. If you have flawless non-bluish, healthy skin, be happy and go into the next stage. Don’t use concealer under your eyes if you don’t need it. This is a big mistake and will reduce the depth of your eyes if you go overboard with it. If you’re looking to conceal apply three dots under each eye starting from the inside corner, where your skin’s the darkest. Another dot should be placed under the eye, and the third one at the outside. Don’t rub the concealer with your finger ring.

Step 2: Prime Your Lids

Prime walls prior to applying paint, and then you prepare the face (or at a minimum, your eyes, there are some who hate primers for the face,) before you apply makeup. Primer does what it implies–primes–which allows makeup to go on smoothly and last longer. Eyeshadow primer is the key to keep your eyeshadow on for hours. It keeps the shadow looking gorgeous throughout all about any situation, although we do not recommend wearing eyeshadow at the gym or while you sleep. Relax your face.

Third Step: The Real Shadow


It’s not necessary to convince you to this point on why eyeshadows are great. If you’re in the morning, you could consider using simple light shadows on your eyelids, and nothing other.

To add a little more drama You can try a palette with three shades and work from the lids up to the brow. You’ll want to blend them in with one another, similar to an array of colors. Begin with a light shade that is close to the color of the lid. Then, you can sweep it across your lid up to your eyebrow bone. Apply a medium shade across the lid, but only. Add more by adding a darker shade on the crease then blend as if your life depended on it.

Utilizing your eyeshadow brush pick your preferred eyeshadow palette, and then sweep the color you prefer across your eyelid. Based on the style you want to achieve You can apply this base shade all the way up to the eyebrow bone for a dramatic smoky eye, or draw the eyeliner to the corner of your eye to create simple, everyday looks.

If you’re in the second scenario Here’s a simple trick put the color inside the crease of the eye while your eyes are open and then work your way towards your lash line. This way, you won’t over-exaggerate your crease, or result in dirty lines.

Step 4: Draw the Eye’s inner eye.

This technique is a makeup artist’s secret that has only gained popularity in the past times. You’ll be tempted to apply it often after you’ve experienced the results however. Blend a small amount of your most lightweight makeup product (whatever that is) into the corner of your eyes. It will make your eyes appear brighter, and your face substantially. You don’t even need any brush required. You can simply dab your finger in the shadow and push it into the inner corner of the upper lid where it meets the the bottom lid.

Make your brows stand out and give them lift by applying the shimmery eyeshadow of your choice or pencil directly underneath the eyebrow. Apply the same light pearl shade to the inside corner of the eye to bring out the brightness as well. Add some coats of our most-loved mascara and you’re ready to go.


Step 5: Line the Eyes

If you’re planning casual look for the day it’s possible to do this step without. It’s also possible to do it in the event that you have extremely light or thin lashes that make the liner appear too strong. However, there’s something attractive about an eye that is well-lined. Liner eyes help your eyes stand out and, if blended well, won’t look too obvious.

It is possible to use liquid eyeliners or even an eye pencil however, many people prefer dark eyeshadows to create a more sloppy appearance. To achieve this, dampen the tip of a slanted eye pencil, and use it to dip it into the dark shadow. Apply the liner as close to your upper lashes as is possible starting from the inner corner until outside corner. Keep a liner under your eyes. Make a smudge with a cotton swab since you don’t want to create an obvious line.

Step 6: Highlight Your Brow

Make use of the same eyeshadow and apply it to your brow bone. Focus on your brow’s mid-point to the outside. Blend it into the brow by dabbing it in with your fingers. The most ardent beauty lovers will want to use a pens just above and below the brows. However an extremely light shadow can be perfect in the pinch.

Step 7: Curl Your Lashes

A curler for your eyelashes can help make even the most full and long eyelashes appear more attractive. For added impact it is possible to heat the curler with the blowdryer for just a few minutes. This will make your eyelashes appear larger and more full, and also be more curly. Be careful, however, as you do not want to burn your eyelashes.

Step 8. Apply Mascara

The final step is to always be best completed by applying a little mascara. Place the mascara brush’s wand on the lower lash and then flick it back and forth while moving it up. Then, repeat a few strokes of the wand and then apply it to your lower mascara as well.



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