7 Ways to Bond When You Buy a Cat


Here’s what you should know about a cat’s personality. They give love when they receive love and take a while to put their guard down and trust you completely. However, when they open up, they will love you wholeheartedly.

So, you’ve seen a kitten for sale and are ready to purchase it. Every member of your household is eager to welcome the little mite into your midst and you are eager to play with your new family member.

But there’s something a first-time owner seldom knows about kittens, and that is how to bond with them. If you have bought a relatively young kitten, say about 12 weeks or older, it is still on the young side and will need special care since it has been separated from its mother. However, if you have brought home an older cat, it will require some time before it beings to purr in your presence. So, on that note, take a look at the 7 ways in which you can bond with your Kitten for sale.

7 Ways to Bond When You Buy a Cat

Here are a few tips which you can use to bond properly with your feline companion.

  1. Keep some time aside for play

When the kitty first comes home, you can set aside some time for play. Buy a few toys carefully that you know the cat will like and use them to play with your new cat. Playing alone is different from playing with somebody, so your cat, which probably likes to play alone, should be encouraged to play with you. This way you will get to know the cat’s personality and understand it better.

  1. Identify your cat’s personality

Every cat has its own personality, and breeds also tend to have their own characteristics. For instance, a lap cat like a Persian probably won’t enjoy the same kind of attention as an independent cat. The cat breeder will probably give you plenty of advice and information on the kind of personality the Kitten for sale has and what his temperament is like. It takes a while to identify the cat’s personality and decide how you want to approach it.

  1. Give the cat space

A cat likes to have its space because they are very wary of people and new things. Give your cat the space it requires and needs. When the cat decides that it wants to be loved and cuddled it will come to you. That is probably the greatest sign of trust when a cat trusts a human. So give your cats space while maintaining a playtime and keeping in mind the personality of the cat. Cats view the world differently from us, so when you buy a cat be ready not to crowd your cat in.

  1. Stick to the cat’s habits

Ask the cat’s breeders what are the habits of the cat. Find out the food that the cat eats and at what time. Moreover, you should not start switching the food of the cat immediately, as it might come as a shock to the creature. A new cat will adjust to the new sounds and sights surrounding it is facing, and you should give it a chance to cope with that. Try to stick to a routine and follow as many habits of the cat as possible.

  1. Learn cat body language

When you see a kitten for sale, you will probably need to get a manual on its body language as well! A cat’s body language can help you understand whether it is sad, happy, nervous, curious, frightened, or uninterested. The movement of the ears, tails and different ways of calling are all clues about its inner mental condition. So study its body language carefully.

  1. Learn when to back off

When you buy a cat, especially an old one, it may have a history you know nothing about. This is especially true of cats that have been neglected. So, if it shies away from affection and human touch, know when to back off. You mustn’t force your kitty to interact with you. If your cat continues to act aloof, be patient.

  1. Use food as a motivator

One of the best ways to encourage your cat to bond with you is to use treats as rewards for bonding behaviour. This will encourage the kitten for sale to view you in a positive light. Cats like positive reinforcement, so you can always use treats and food to entice them to come to you. The cat will accept you and then you can bond normally will it.

Summing it up…

In conclusion, if you have set your heart on a kitten for sale, you should not hurry up the bonding process. As the cat owner and protector, there are certain factors that you will have to keep in mind to ensure that a bond forms between you, your family members and the cat.

  • Try to motivate your cat to come to you. You can do this with food.
  • Play with your cat regularly. Try games the cat is already familiar with and enjoys.
  • You can use catnip to get your cat to come to play with you.

If the cat is frightened and jumpy, do not make things worse than it is. Wait, be patient. Let the cat get familiar with its surroundings and it will approach you eventually when it is hungry. So as humans be ready to entice it!


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