7 Features that your auto repair shop software must have!

Auto Shop Software

It’s been a long time since we are experiencing drastic changes in the auto repair industry. Over the years, technology has revolutionized the way repair garages work. That’s why there is an emerging need to cope up with these changes if you want to progress and get successful. For this reason, auto repair shop software is something in demand. It is now considered the most valuable part of running an auto repair garage.

You may be thinking, why? Because a repair shop software enables repair shops to track their everyday activities and stay updated on routine tasks. Not only this, it has massively helped repair shop owners in making the right business decisions based on correct facts and figures.

Additionally, it is helpful for both independent repair shops and multi-location garages. The best auto garage management software assists repair technicians in speeding up their repair jobs. While this increases customer service satisfaction, it also improves profit and enhances team performance.


How to Choose the Right Auto Shop Software?

Well, with multiple options available in the market, how can you find the right pick?

That’s why we have listed down the most important features that a car workshop management software must have. Along with those, an effective system grants access to the tools integral to managing inventory, keeping customer records, providing customer purchase history, marketing, and other essential information.

What is a plus point to check while hunting for the best software for your auto repair shop? It should be cloud-based. In the 21st century, your data should be available 24/7.


The right auto repair shop system does more than our expectations. You can create schedules to track appointments or repair orders. So, let’s get started. Here are some most important features that your automotive shop management system must have.

Additionally, it is helpful for both independent repair shops and multi-location garages. The best auto garage management software assists repair technicians in speeding up their repair jobs. While this increases customer service satisfaction, it also improves profit and enhances team performance by using employee productivity tracking software.

Automatic Parts & Inventory Updates

The most considerable thing for both the customers and the owner is the cost of repairs and replacement parts. Your auto repair shop software must be able to handle this. This means that whenever you record a repair task using the system, it should automatically identify the parts being used to get the repair job done. Be it the repair part, replacement part, or any other inventory item associated with the repair ticket. Also, it should keep the correct count of items available in stock to avoid discrepancies.


Customer Orders & Supplier Orders Management

The most important part of running an auto repair shop is the ‘parts’ themselves. So, make sure you never run out of common repair parts. Your automotive repair shop management system should be capable enough to create purchase orders. It should be integrated with different parts’ suppliers in order to keep your end safe.


Automatic Stock Levels Adjustment

You need to have some stock levels and warnings to get notified of your stock availability, and your management system helps in it. When you assign a certain reorder level to a replacement part, the system automatically creates a purchase order against it when the stock gets below that given level.

That’s how you never lag or have to apologize to customers for not having a repair part available at the moment.


Quick Look Up for Items

One thing that frustrates customers is slow service. All of us love to be served as quickly as we step into a shop. That’s what your customers demand too. If your workshop management system has the ability to search for replacement parts promptly, you can give the deadlines or turnaround time much faster.

In the advanced systems, it is just about a single hit or tap, and your required results are on the screen. It makes the search a lot easier and the process quicker. Ideally, this search filter is right on the main screen, so your team won’t have to jump into another screen just to lookup an item.


Multiple Payment Methods

Due to the recent COVID situation, nobody likes to accept cash or pay via cash. This traditional way of giving and receiving payment is now almost gone. So, you need to update yourself too. Think beyond these methods and go for cashless payments.

It can be credit cards, debit cards, or payment via gift cards. It makes the transactions a lot safer and easier to record. Additionally, your automotive repair shop invoice software should offer a split payment feature. It will do wonders if a customer wants to spread their payment across a credit card and cash.


Consistent & Customizable Reports

That’s something that can never be compromised. A detailed reporting module keeps you updated about everything necessary: if your system doesn’t have a comprehensive reporting section, you’ll be stuck at the same point for years. However, with the correct facts and figures, you can make many informed and better decisions for your repair business.

Some of the essential reports are related to accounting, repair jobs, inventory, etc. It also summarizes the team’s activities over a given time and makes you understand your customers better.


Customer Analytics & Insights

One thing that can accelerate your growth and success is being customers’ favorite. Now the question arises, how to be the customers’ no.1 choice? You can be their preferred option if you understand their needs. Using auto repair shop management software to get the customer history is the best thing in your favor.

See which repairs are the most common and which accessories are trending, based on customers’ interests. Returning customers can also be looked at individually, e.g., what products they tend to purchase at which times, so you can focus interactions with that person on what’s really relevant for them.


The Bottom Line

Considering the features mentioned above should give you a fair idea about what you can upgrade in your repair garage with just a single management system. Use this list, and find out the right solution for your auto repair shop. Every auto repair shop is different from the other, so note down your requirements and finalize the software as soon as possible. Don’t settle for less.



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