6 Interesting Places and Things to Explore in San Jose

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San Jose is California’s third-greatest city and a well-known hub of surreal beauty, featuring mind-blowing scenery in abundance. The sunny and mild weather make the place ideal for visiting any time of the year, allowing the famous Rose Garden to blossom. It also shares huge in the farming sector dating back to the past years and features several historic attractions. San Square leads to contemporary cultural outlets, including the popular science center. 

Begin your trip by exploring the city’s Museum of Art and discovering Plaza de Chavez’s beauty. True hockey fans can cheer for their favorite player in the City Center. You can collect more history at the city’s Santa Clara University of 1851, dating back to the 18th century.

Take help from the comprehensive travel guide on the interesting places and things to explore in San Jose.


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Municipal Rose Garden

Built-in 1927, Municipal Rose Garden is the top-rated tourist attraction of San Jose, attracting nature lovers in large numbers. The park stretches across five acres of land and features breathtaking scenery of large roses, making the place more romantic. If you visit the garden in the peak season, you will see columns and columns of roses blooming in the neighborhood. The site is open for public visits throughout the week, and there are no admission charges on entering the garden. 


Wandering, picnicking, and taking pictures with family or friends are popular things to do in the rose garden. Photographers will find plenty of opportunities to capture mind-blowing shots with a beautiful backdrop of roses, mountains, and clear skies. Plenty of rose bushes and variants are grown on green space, featuring a stage with redwood trees.

Take a tour of Downtown San Jose

The downtown district is the greatest Bay region and California’s third-largest city. From iconic historic architecture and modern cultural activities, the site features plenty of exciting things. Plaza de Cesar Chavez stretches up to two acres and features central wide space from where various attractions stem. There are sidewalk cafes, boutiques, community institutions like Tech Interactive and the San Jose Museum of Art. 

San Pedro Square is the landmark, featuring notable ancient parts of the city within the downtown. Additionally, visitors can enjoy the beautiful setting and live music and eat food at the restaurants within the site. The San Pedro Square Market is a contemporary food hall featuring several eateries for locals and tourists. Besides, the site also launches a farmers’ market on Friday for the entire year. 

Interact with jungle species at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo

The Happy Hollow Park & Zoo is a green space of 16 acres lying southeast of downtown San Jose. It is home to wonderful amusement parks, puppet theaters, and a small collection of rare and rescued animals. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums recognized the site, which features various animal species from a large anteater to a jaguar. Visitors may also spot other animal creatures while exploring the park and zoo. However, special encounters are quite often giving an interactive experience to adults and kids. 

The surrounding area of the zoo offers several amenities and large areas for children to play and have fun. The Crooked House lies within the park, providing guests an unforgettable adventure outside. On the other hand, the Dino Dig station allows the kids to unleash new areas of their interest. Also, there are two massive play structures within the park having large slides and various crawlspaces. Book Volaris flight tickets from the mobile app or site and participate in an adventurous and memorable trip.

Shopping and Dining in Santana Row

Santana Row is packed with numerous shopping spots and restaurants in San Jose. There are stores like Gucci inside the Mediterranean outdoor region, next to the amazing Italian restaurants. Also, street food corners are offering delicious tacos and other famous food items. After shopping and dining, visitors can explore Santana Park inside Santana Row and enjoy ice creams from local shops. In short, it is a very famous commercial and entertainment district, attracting true shoppers and explorers.

In the evening, you can stroll around the nearby places when street lights are lit up with neon signs, uplifting the overall outlook. Also, one can enjoy free Summer Music Series along with local lineups and community celebrations like yoga and Children’s Bash. If you wish to stay here at night, choose Hotel Valencia, a beautiful hotel providing luxurious rooms and top-notch facilities. 

Clicking amazing pictures at The Tech Interactive & Plaza de Cesar Chavez

Plaza de Cesar Chavez is the central attraction of San Jose, also known as Cesar Chavez Park. The two colorful acres of a concrete building with dense trees, park benches make it a great place to hang out. Its downtown museums are another popular thing about the site, attracting the attention of plenty of travelers. Tech Interactive is one of the most popular museums past the street from the park, exhibiting endless entertainment. Family-friendly art galleries are focusing on modern technology and educational programs, which are also entertaining. 

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In addition, the Tech Institute provides a diverse range of educational programs for people of all age groups. There is an IMAX theater famous for playing documentaries and blockbuster movies for families. Other attractions include the San Jose Museum of Art and the Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph. The San Jose Center for the Performing Arts lies one block from Tech Interactive, features Broadway performances and regional productions. 

Mission Santa Clara de Asís

The popular Mission Santa Clara de Asís sits on the campus of Clara University. It acts as a notable Jesuit University, founded in 1851, and features the history of the mission from the 1700s. It remains a Roman Catholic Church; one can visit the site and say prayers or attend regularly held mass. The Santa Clara University campus is packed with numerous historic buildings, also part of famous tourist attractions. So, buy Allegiant Airline tickets and get ready to dive into a real paradise with your kids and the entire family. 


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