6 Business to Start with Little Money


People love to do certain small things for the sake of themselves or maybe they want to start a new business. You may even not like your nine to five jobs, as a result of which, you want to be the captain of your own ship.

In this regard, you are probably thinking of opening a small business for yourself.

However, you are also worried as to how you can start a completely new business with so little money. You need not really worry about that as you can definitely start a business with quite less capital.

Here are six businesses to start with little money.

Design Print-On-Demand Apparels

If you are someone who loves creativity and designing, then you might like the idea of customizing your designing endeavors and selling them to a wide range of customers. There is no particular restriction to the products which you can design.

Hats, T-shirts, phone covers, tote bags, hoodies, skirts, each and every product can be your own canvas. You can be your own Picasso and conquer the world with your amazing designs.

All you need to do is think of witty slogans, personalized designs, mention references for all those cat and dog lovers. Even if you are not a person who can design products, you can still go for this particular business.

For that, you can simply find a designer with whom you can work from a number of freelance sites. You can even use t-shirt mockup templates in order to find out how the product will look without having to spend your expenses on photoshoots for each of your products.

However, just the way you order the best portable fish finder for your fishing experience, you better order a sample of your product in order to check how the custom product will appear and feel.

Health Trainer

In the present scenario of the pandemic, where literally everyone is restricted within the four walls of their houses, fitness has almost become a story of the past. Why not make this story of the past, a part and parcel of others’ regular regime? If you are one who loves fitness, exercising, healthy eating, and healthy living, then this is your opportunity. You do not really need much of an investment in this kind of business.

All you need to have is an Instagram and a YouTube account where you can upload and post inspirational quotes, free exercise videos, and share recipes for healthy yet tasty snacks and foods. This is actually your investment. The ones who are concerned with their health and fitness will definitely come for your advice.

Therefore, this will help you become a true health guru where you can conduct in-home consultations, provide them with exercise regimes and personalized nutrition. Good word of mouth from satisfied customers will act as your promotion, which will help you in getting future clients.

Sewing Specialist

Everyone needs their clothes hemmed and buttons mended at some point or other in their lives. If you are someone who is talented in the arena of sewing and in handling needs and reels, then this is an extremely suitable business opportunity for you.

You do not need to invest a lot as you need basic things for the business. The things which you probably own by now. You can start small, where you take small orders, such as hemming, attaching buttons, making small designs, and then you can dream big.

You can think of opening your own retail business where you can take bigger orders. Then dressmaking and customized designing on the basis of customer demand are your options. Your business will flourish with the help of your creative endeavors. But don’t forget to have the support and promotion of satisfied customers.

Life/Career Coach

Coaching and guiding someone is not really easy. It takes immense strength, experience, and expertise in order to navigate someone else’s life. If you are someone who has amazing skills at guiding and navigating career, personal and social transitions in an effective and successful manner, then the career of life or career coach is absolutely tailor-made for you.

Not everyone is mentally at peace with their careers or even their personal lives. There are people who seek guidance from others regarding a number of matters in life. You can be the mentor of the people who need guidance in various areas of their lives.

Life and career coaches do not come cheap as they offer clear advice and intense, hands-on training so that they can make serious life-changing moves in their personal as well as professional lives.

Videographer and Photographer

People love photographs and videos of the special moments of their lives. This reminds us to celebrate those moments even later on in the future. This is the reason why you will never run out of opportunities if you are someone who is passionate about photography and videography.

However, there is a twist here, as you will need to make an initial investment in your equipment. This is not much to ask for. This is because this profession can only be yours when you are passionate about them. Also, you should have a certain experience and expertise in the vocations of videography and photography.

As a result of this, it is very much expected that you will have this equipment and experience in advance. All you need to do is have a certain portfolio of your works in case of photography.

However, in the case of videography make sure that you have a reel of your work ready. This is to be shared on a website or any other platform.

Personal Chef

If you are someone who loves cooking for others, then you can most definitely make this business your own in no time. Just the way you look for the best back shaver, all you need to do is look for the best clients to create a niche for your own business growth.

For instance, at the very outset, you can club together vegetarian clients. This will help you to cook food in bulk and meet the needs of your clients. Make sure to advertise your services for gaining future clients.

Also, ensure that you effectively use the word-of-mouth technique of promotion for this kind of business.


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