5 Ways How SAP Cloud Platform Can Benefit Your Business

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Whether your company is an industry titan or a small-sized business, the future of your data and services lies in cloud architecture. Many believe that only large enterprises can benefit from SAP software and services. However, a 2022 study showed that 80% of SAP customers are SMEs. Furthermore, 85 of the top 100 firms exclusively use S/4HANA.

Through personalized and world-class cloud advisory services, you can assess the current state of your business and get recommendations for the best solutions. Whether these services are internal or outsourced to an expert provider, the company’s vision and an optimal business environment should not be affected. Rise with SAP, a subscription service provided by SAP, offers a combination of products and services, such as S/4 Hana Cloud edition, SAP Business network starter pack, business process intelligence, SAP business technology platform, and finally, services and tools for technical migration. Without further ado, here are five ways how SAP cloud platform can benefit your business!

  1. Speed up business processes

A SAP cloud platform partnered with the right cloud advisory services can allow you to build an ecosystem that meets your goals and your customers’ needs. Since many programming applications are connected to the SAP network, developers can quickly build new applications or work on old ones without additional training. With Rise with SAP, the technical migration and integration of existing solutions into all types of landscapes is now possible in no time. There has never been a better time for adding RPA or intelligence to different systems and moving to SAP modular Cloud ERP system. Ready-made applications can be customized and integrated alongside innovative applications.

  1. Increase value and accuracy of current applications

Businesses with solutions or applications running on the cloud can utilize a cohesive SAP cloud platform to connect and streamline all their data. Not only will this reduce the cost, but it would also facilitate all applications so that data can be utilized more efficiently and more value can be reaped from the same applications. SAP solutions and proficient cloud advisory services can allow businesses to improve accuracy on all fronts, including sales, marketing, and logistics.

  1. Improve ROI

Maintaining updates on vendors, purchasing, sales, and keeping oversight on business areas such as customer data and accounts are just some areas that enterprises improve with Rise with SAP. Not just Rise with SAP, but SAP S/4 HANA can specifically help enterprises fashion new models that are more efficient through a reduction in training, usage of responsive design and intuitive interface, and trained and agile IT employees. Moving your organization to a cloud environment will boat your ROI and decrease the TCO (Total cost of ownership). The right cloud advisory services understand the importance of securing data on the cloud due to the sensitivity of the data and allow you to access the best governance services with SAP S/4 HANA.

  1. Provide dependable user experience

Excellent customer service is the goal for most companies. With SAP insights gained from Rise with SAP or any SAP Cloud platform, organizations can improve customer engagement by integrating software like CRM and other data and creating a customer roadmap. This can allow companies to meet customers’ demands better and reach their goals.

To conclude, using SAP applications on a platform means creating a platform that allows the company to evolve with changing business demands and cater to the customer’s needs while maintaining flexibility to leave space for delays and errors. Therefore, companies that haven’t already transitioned to a SAP Cloud Platform should definitely do so! Enterprises can do so by training teams internally or by leveraging the expertise cloud advisory services.


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