5 Most Common Hotel Complaints and How to Handle Them


One of the largest challenges that any member of the hotel staff handles are guest complaints. And sometimes, the staff don’t have any ability to do changes or suggest solutions to the problem which results in making the guests angry and upset. It’s totally understandable if you can’t prepare for every possible complaint that will come along, it’s always possible for a prepared hotelier to instruct and coach their staff on how they can respond to the most common complaints. 

The good news is, in this article, we’re not only going to share with you the most common complaints but also how staff can properly respond to them in most circumstances.  

1. Loud neighbours 

If you’re the hotel owner, it doesn’t matter what type of hotel you’re operating, the location you’re running it,  or how huge it is. Eventually, there will always come a time that you need to deal with complaints about noisy neighbours. This may be difficult to handle because, for one reason, your guests pay great money to stay at the hotel and experience much-needed peace and quiet shouldn’t be too much to ask. As a matter of fact, it’s actually the bare minimum of what guests expect from your hotel’s service. 

To make sure you manage issues correctly, it’s best that you do it politely when asking their next-door neighbour to kindly and please lower their volume down because it’s disturbing the other guests. You must also take note that the noisy neighbours are still hotel guests and must be given the same amount of respect. 

2. The room is too cold and hot 

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Obviously, one of the purposes of hotels is to provide comfort for their guests. This is why it’s crucial that temperature is always checked since it is a vital part of that comfort. A guest won’t be able to enjoy and relax in your hotel if they’re shivering from the cold temperature or sweating because the room is too warm. Room temperature is, in fact, it’s the number one most common guest complaint. 

To put an end to this problem, there are actually different solutions you can do but it will depend on what the problem is. In most situations, the most ideal way to deal with this is to guide your guests on how they can adjust the temperature for themselves with their in-room thermostat or AC unit. You may place some accessible and readable printed instructions on the unit itself but be ready to walk your guests through the step-by-step process of how they operate it. But if guests still tell you that they don’t understand how to use thermostat technology, your staff may want to help their guests every time they want a specific temperature and set the thermostat themselves. 

3. Bad-mannered hotel staff

Well, this is probably the worst complaint. The hospital industry should be “hospitable” to guests, right? However, there are staff that give awful remarks, laughs at guests, and even get into an argument with hotel guests which are all happening every single day in hotels all over the world. Half of the overall experience of every hotel comes from the treatment they get from the staff. This is why it’s important for hoteliers to train their staff properly. The best way to deal with this concern is to be picky and wise in hiring people who are great at controlling their temper and can keep their heads straight even when they’re shouted at. 

It’s also worth noting that you hire staff that are problem solvers because there’s nothing more confusing than when staff are not capable of handling a situation and whatever the situation may be. 

4. Unclean and messy rooms 

Whether it’s a 5-star luxury hotel or a roadside motel, all types of hotels are not immune to getting complaints about their cleanliness. Mistakes are normal to happen but never spend most of your time making it a burden. However, you need to make sure that you apologize sincerely for the inconvenience and solve the issue while you’re explaining to the staff what went wrong if you’re the manager or supervisor. 

To further avoid this issue, managers and supervisors must strictly train their staff to deal with hygiene on a sky-high level, regardless of the kind of hotel accommodation they’re offering. 

5. Awful food taste and quality 

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There are plenty of hotel visitors that get bad experiences with hotel food. If you’re the owner of the hotel, you don’t want to hear guests saying that they will never stay at your hotel again because of the food. As millennials are being considered as the major generation in the world, it’s really vital to focus on food since they’re into getting the best local experiences and not just have a fun time. Although there are hotels that provide gastronomic experiences, you don’t have to go that far because all you need is to hire a talented local chef that can serve mouth watering food. 



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