5 Modern-Day Drapery Hardware to Illuminate Your Home Décor


Classic scroll tiebacks and curtain holdbacks are no new thing in the household of the people who love elegance. Window treatments have always been a center of attraction for the interiors of the houses. But the time is changing. The pace is diverting people to try newer things make their casements refreshing and trendy. So people are using crystal curtain brackets and drapery panel holders together. Curtain rods to finials, everything is embracing the change.

Selecting the perfect decorative drapery hardware for case treatments can turn your space into a different universe. Beautifying the interior of your house or office may take years to accomplish. When you add fancy draperies, crystal window hardware, etc., to it, it gives out a more polished and complete look. No one ever wants their window treatment hardware to spread the wrong influence in front of their admirers. Colors, patterns, fabric, texture, everything is evident when the concerning matter is home décor. Here are some ways to help you enhance the beauty of your rooms.

Here are a few ways, how you too can caress the change and show it through the casement treatments. 

Classic Scroll Tiebacks

Nowadays, window treatments reject tassels and accept designer tiebacks that have traditional looks and modern touch at the same time. Simple-looking drapes become magnificent when you pair classic items with them. The luxurious item that gleams the scenario may look overtop when placed alone. On the other hand, an antique gold finish tieback raises the bar of the beauty of the interior of a room when it mixes with a luxurious drape.

People with ultra-fashion windows even combine leather straps with silver buckles that attach to the wall and do not bother you at the end of the day.

Luminous Curtain Rods

Yes, you read it correctly. Modern people like cool stuff. A cool window will also fascinate them when it starts glowing. Technology has advanced and reached our windowpanes too. The luminous curtain rod and drapery panel holder are the result of such innovative techniques.

A lackluster window becomes happening when you apply LED lights to it. Illuminating draperies are catching the eyes of the buyers and the visitors of their homes too. Not only the design but the window treatment will also outlast the regular light bulbs and emit no light. The latest approach is also pushing us towards an eco-friendly way that lets the windows shine all day long.

Enhancing Window Decals

Basically, window decals were used on the professional backgrounds that leveled up the business. But the modern-day homemakers have brought them inside their rooms elevating the scenario of their living and bedrooms. They are easy to fix on a window that allows light and provides privacy at the same time. The patterns are translucent and enable you to enjoy filtered natural light. The market is full of a variety of designs like flowers & lace, pixel, orba, Moroccan tile, etc., to help you choose and diversify your window panes.

Isolating Privacy Glasses

Not only can the window decals, but new-age windows also provide isolation and privacy. If you love solitude, you should try privacy glasses on your window panes. The translucent sieve allows a minimum amount of light creates a well-designed home essential. It keeps your snooping neighbors away and provides a built-in blind finish for your windows. The privacy barrier is cool and liked by many of the stylish people of the modern day.

While hanging drapes, you can have two decorative curtain holdbacks placed at either side of the window frames. It will help you keep the curtains aside when needed.

Fashionable Drapery Rings

If you want to go simple, you can use drapery rings. They make the process of hanging the drapes and curtains easy. Loop in the rings through a curtain rod and utilize them to attach the fabric panel. Bold and colored rings add beauty to the window décor and create a statement with modern finishes. You can even use traditional black or white drapes to contrast the view with fashionable drapery rings. The window treatment becomes glooming and creates drama after you use reflective gold beads and steel clips.

Drapes and curtains are crucial while decorating a casement view. But people often miss out on the finials, brackets, and other drapery hardware. Applying the right item at the proper place will only intensify the look of your rooms. Home décor is an art. When a person gets correct guidance, they can capably uplift the view of their house and effectively mesmerize the viewers. Galaxy Design is one such influencing helping hand. We are a more than four decades old organization helping valuable clients achieve the apex of home décor. The store is your one-stop shop where you get every detailing required to beautify a casement treatment. Hop in to know more.


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