4 steps to develop excellent communication strategies

excellent communication

4 steps to develop excellent communication strategies

One-on-One is the Key

Didn’t you feel great when your boss took your opinion on upcoming projects? So, if something so trivial can make you feel important, it would do the same for your teammates and employees. One-on-one conversations are an incredible communication strategy for

excellent communication

. And it helps you to identify your employees’ true potential.

You can understand your employee’s struggles, opinions and ideas through one-on-one conversation. 85% of companies rely on a one-on-one conversation for their growth. Furthermore, you can understand your group’s core problem and the way to deal with it through one-on-one conversation.

Visuals are necessary to establish strong communication

Utilising new communication methods has never done any harm. For example, visual is an excellent tool for communication. Remember, human beings used to draw on cave walls for better communication in the Stone Age. Similarly, now a sound communication tool can help you visualise your ideas to your teammates.

Online whiteboards such as Ziteboard and Kaptivo camera help you establish communication through video calls. Therefore, wherever you are, an excellent visual tool will always help you keep in touch with your team.

Feedback is necessary

As Bill Gates said, Feedbacks are necessary; it helps us improve.”

Strong communication’s basic foundation is two-way feedback. Establish a system where your employees can send you regular feedback. You can create an email-id dedicated to feedback, or it could be face-to-face.

However, creating a feedback system isn’t enough if you don’t encourage it. A renowned business professor, Jason McDonnell, who also offers excellent assignment answers to students, stated that team members give feedback when their feedbacks matter. So, make your employees feel heard and seen through their feedback implementation.


Three benefits of communication strategies

Statistics show that more than 86% of employees fail to execute projects due to a lack of communication. Hence, a robust communication implementation can come with several benefits. One of them is better profit. Here are the other three benefits.

  1. A workplace with immense positivity

An ideal workplace is where employees love to arrive on a MONDAY morning. Yes! I am talking about No Monday blues here. And it’s achievable only through solid communication. With strong communication, employees feel rejuvenated every day. Thus, the workplace becomes positive.

  1. More productivity

Positivity is correlated with productivity. Suppose you have Jane, who is appreciated and valued at her workplace, and then you have John. John’s biggest nightmare is his office. Who do you think would bring more productivity? Of course, it’s Jane; because she is confident due to her positive work culture and clear communication with her seniors.

  1. Chances of innovation

As soon as you have robust communication in your kitty, innovation will arrive. For example, once employees start communicating clearly, they would start thinking out of the box. And out of the box has always given us champions like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

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Parting words

Effective communication is not just long meeting hours or unnecessary brainstorming. It’s more about understanding one another inside an organisation. Even non-verbal communication can prove highly effective if you know how to implement them. Know your team, learn about their needs, and scrutinise their ability. And become the first big you in the industry.

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Author Bio: Peter Kaufman is a business professor with 15 years of experience. In addition, he is also associated with MyAssignmenthelp.com, where he offers assistance in writing assessment answers to his students. Furthermore, Peter likes to read history books and is currently reading about human history.



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