12 Reasons Why Is Laravel the Best PHP Framework

Reasons Why Is Laravel the Best PHP Framework

The unstoppable success of the framework makes us curious about the why so let’s find out why exactly is Laravel the best PHP framework here!

661, 172 is the total number of websites based on Laravel as of today, and the numbers keep growing unstoppably.

Why is that?

Because of the cutting-edge features Laravel offers that help to create the most incredible, profound, and user-friendly applications of the era. Laravel is considered as one of the best PHP development frameworks to develop the best systems capable of devising optimal results. Laravel brings agility to the entire process of development with flexible functions, simpler coding, and much more.

No wonder Laravel has proved to be the finest PHP framework in today’s world supporting the development of modern yet iconic application with the help of high-tech features it offers. However, the unstoppable success of this framework makes us curious about the why. So let’s find out why exactly is Laravel PHP Framework the best in this blog post.

12 Reasons Why Laravel Is the Best PHP Framework

The curiosity keeps roaring as to why have Laravel became the best PHP framework is being used massively with the websites.

Here’s the list of 12 reasons why Laravel is the best PHP framework!

Robust Authentication & Authorization – Authentication is an integral part of development. It ensures the overall security of your system so that your functions could execute efficiently. In addition, the integration of a robust authentication system makes sure every identity entering the system is true and free from all kinds of threats.

Contrarily, authorization refers to reviewing if the identity entering your system has access to the settings, goals, and features they’re aiming to use or not.

Laravel is the PHP framework that helps developing systems with robust authentication and authorization features, ensuring that no identity enters without authentication and no non-authorized activities occur.

Laravel’s authentication feature is quite serious, and it does not allow anyone to enter without an access grant.

Object-Oriented Libraries – A library collects all the necessary tools and features you might require when developing a stellar website. It plays a crucial role in the success of your development process.

Frameworks that bring long efficient libraries are always a heartthrob for developers, and Laravel lies at a level no less than that. With a feature-rich, object-oriented library at hand, Laravel helps developers code and develop systems at a comparatively faster pace. It helps cater to many issues that may arise in the process of development and lets you finish with perfection.

Artisan Command-Line Interface – Artisan is one of the very tools and features of the Laravel library that helps to prevent developers from the tedious task of writing repetitive codes. It is a command-line interface focused on assisting multiple stages of development and putting together a quick and efficient process for creating the utmost successful application.

MCV Support – Model Controller View (MVC) is the most iconic feature of the overall Laravel PHP framework. It helps showcase the individualized view of domain, application, and business logic, apart from the user interface. This individualized view is much helpful for the developers in understanding how and in what direction the program needs to be carried out.

It assists the developers in keeping their codes organized and easier to debug. Most companies prefer building their systems based on MVC support because that calls for less effort and risk.

Efficient Security – Securing a system you’re developing from all potential threats is crucial. You always have to ensure that the people using your application don’t face any security concerns and have confidence in your product.

Data privacy is the most significant area that security features of a system need to cater to. Laravel comes with utmost efficient security features that ensure keeping data privacy on top.  The best PHP framework uses SQL injection attacks and hashed passwords to keep all the used data free from loss and theft.

Database Migration – Database migration could be referred to as the process of transferring databases from one particular platform to another. No matter why you wish to change the platform, Laravel helps to migrate your database from the origin platform to any other of your choice without hassle. It has the finest tools to assist you with an efficient database migration.

Iconic Tutorials – With newer updates coming up each day, it’s almost impossible to master the art for developers. To excel as a developer, you’ll always have to know the rising trends in the software industry and technological innovations.

Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks because it understands the need for continuous learning and the most iconic tutorials. These tutorials are all detailed and practical – capable of helping developers gain the hands-on knowledge of using the available features and exercising all the tools with perfection.

Blade Template Engine – Template engines are used for producing documents by incorporating data into the templates. They allow the implementation of static files in combination with your application. Laravel comes up with the incredible blade template engine fully compliant with PHP and HTML applications, helping them carry through the entire process with utmost efficiency.

Highly Responsive Interface – A rightful interface plays a crucial role in the success of your application, and the Laravel PHP framework brings you the most exciting features for building a successful interface. From the model controller view feature to the efficient coding, security, and related options, Laravel offers everything significant in helping you build the finest interface that’s highly responsive yet user-friendly at the same time.

Object Relationship Mapping – ORM, object relationship mapping, is an efficient technique for converting data from an incompatible system to the most compatible one. It helps you better interact with the database objects and understand their relationships using expressive syntax. Laravel has the finest ORM system that allows interacting with the database objects and understanding their relationships in the most flexible manner.

Automated Testing – Testing is a significant part of the overall app development process. While manual testing could take a lot of effort, resources, and time, Laravel offers automated testing that saves you from the hassle in much lesser time and budget.

It offers amazing testing features and low-maintenance packages that allow you to test the entire development via unity testing or command-line utility testing.

Easy & Quick Installation – quick and easy installation of the application is a crucial feature. It helps to motivate the users and keeping them hooked to your system. Delay in the installation of obstacles might demotivate the users and result in an increased bounce rate. Consequently, Laravel offers exciting features that help incorporate a quick installation system into your applications – capable of retaining most of your potential leads.

Conclusion –

Considering all the above-mentioned features that are exciting yet flattering at the same time, you must be convinced and sure about why Laravel is being called the best PHP framework. Most companies are using Laravel to develop their websites because of the great functions it offers, and developers love the framework for the flexibility of using these functions.

If you’re planning to expand your business with a credible application, hiring one of the best website development services is the righteous action. Hiring the right team of Laravel developers would help you put the foundation of a much robust application that compliments your business objectives and offers usable flexibility.


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