10 Tips to Help You Support Social or Political Movements


Today, there’re many movements meant to bring about social change. For many years, young individuals have fought for school desegregation, voting rights, civil rights, immigration reforms, etc. These movements, when well used, can help us achieve our dream. But what can you do to support them? 

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By marching in the streets, individuals can inform others of what is happening around them. At the same time, you’ll get to mingle with others who share similar interests and help you achieve the bottom line even faster. Also, through demonstration, you’ll feel empowered and get a sense that you belong in a significant, powerful movement.

Understand the movement

Before joining any movement, you need to know what it’s all about. For example, before wearing a my body my choice shirt, you should understand the kind of information you’re trying to convey. 

Also, by educating yourself on a given movement, you can know whether its primary mission and vision resonate with your innate interests. You can easily find yourself in the wrong team if you don’t take the time to learn.

Work on your beliefs and habits

Many individuals go out to protest without understanding what they’re doing. It would help if you were careful not to add to the problem you intend to solve. For instance, it’s inappropriate to fight against racism when you keep abusing white privilege while bullying people of color. Before joining a movement you like, start by working on your beliefs and habits.

Run for Office

If you’re in college, you need to be a part of the student government. That way, you can empower your fellow learners and provide them with a conducive learning environment. After some time, you’ll learn how a government operates and later become someone who touches lives positively. Therefore, you should think of running for office to support a movement.

Educate Others

Once you learn something new, you’ll feel like sharing your feelings with others. This could be in the workplace, school, or anywhere else. You can teach others about what matters and encourage them to share the same information with their peers. By educating others, you’ll learn more about what needs to be done to solve the issue at hand.

Take Action in the Community

Nothing will change if you join a movement and sit there. Instead, you need to take action and give others a reason to live. For instance, you might want to use your powers to influence others against silencing the members of the LGBTQ. If you take action, you’ll be noticed as someone determined to make the world better.

Raise Money

Before joining and supporting any movement, you need to raise some money. You can then use the funds to help that particular community or even start a project that would later benefit that movement. Unless you have the financial capacity, your support might not be visible enough. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money.

Take Part in Community Service

Once you find some issues you care about, you need to participate in community services that resonate with them. For instance, if you’re interested in fighting violence against homeless individuals, you can participate in community services that aim to provide services to them. In addition, you can take part in soup kitchens.

Involve the Press

Even if you feel that you have a voice, there are some things you can’t do on your own. The press can help you pass the message out there and get the public’s attention. Therefore, once you join a movement, you can support them by involving the press to speak to your target audience.

Always Work as a Team

Regardless of the resources you have, there are certain things you can’t do on your own. Also, when you work as a team, your voice can be powerful and immovable. Therefore, no matter how focused and popular you might be, one of the best ways to support a movement is by working as a team.


There you go. Now you have ten different ways to support a social or political movement. You can start small and grow your wings as you learn more. Don’t forget to take part in community services and involve the press.


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