10 Common Ways To Lose Your Forex Or Stock Trading Account

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What is the Forex Market?

The Forex market is the international currency market having the most liquidity for traders. Investors trade in various currencies at the major exchanges of the stock market to earn a high profit. A twenty-four market that serves its traders any time of the day from Monday to Friday. As the currencies are traded, it is also highly volatile, which makes traders gain and lose their investments. 

The foreign exchange market operates on the global decentralised and over-the-counter market. The market trade determines the exchange rate of the currencies invested. Investors buy and sell the currency pairs at the market rates or with respect to the options, forward and futures contracts. 

What is the Stock Market?

A stock market is a trading market that deals in buying and selling shares, equities or stocks. Traders of stocks can buy the shares of companies in whole and infractions as per their investment needs. The stocks may be of a public listed company or even the stocks that are traded privately. 

Traders can invest in stocks in various ways by buying the shares directly, borrow shares or speculate. The stock market is the traditional trading market and has updated over the years. It has accepted the digitalisation and electronic platforms, changed with technology to serve best to the investors. 

Stocks could be purchased via stockbrokers, which is the most feasible option of the market. There are stockbrokers who serve their clients with trading platforms and tools to enhance their trade. 

Ten Mistakes of Forex and Stock Traders

Investors of both the forex and stock market make some mistakes that incur them with loss of capital. To bring them in front of investors and to let the traders know what they should avoid, we have discussed ten significant mistakes: 

Failed Planning and Training

Investors of the market fail to train first and then plan their strategies of the trade. This is a blunder in the trade of currencies and stocks; a trader can never succeed without proper market analysis and planning in advance. 

The trading plan is the core and base of the trade, without which traders cannot take a step ahead. They have to analyse the market, do research, and study the market to have a strategy and plan to execute the trade. For planning, also traders have to train themselves about the market, study it and have a good understanding to make profits. 

But, unfortunately, traders fail in this first step of the trade, which leads them to losses and emotional breakdowns. 


Investors make the biggest mistake by being emotional in their trade. An investor with a high emotional quotient can never maximise their profits due to fear, anxiety, happiness, excitement, etc. A trade has to be well in control while investing and should be prepared to face the loss. 

Most beginners of trade of the forex and stock market, in their excitement, to invest bid high without any analysis of the market. This leads to complete loss of the investment and finally left with anxiety of losing money. 

Lack of Risk Management

Another significant drawback of the trade is the lack of risk management. Of course, a trader has to plan, as we discussed in our first point. Risk management techniques reduce the impact of loss and help traders manage it with another trade. But, if a trader has no plan, they would have to be prepared to face the loss.

Record Keeping

Traders fail to have a history check and record their transactions for future use. The negligence on the part of the trader can be a big loss. With technology advancement, there are trading platforms provided by brokers such as ROInvesting to have a historical record for reference of the trader. But, the traders are not aware of the uses and even work in their own rhythm and forget about checking the histories of the trade. 

Use of Stop-Loss

Setting a stop-loss is always profitable as traders can avoid unnecessary losses. In their accuracy and confidence, most of the traders forget to set stop-loss and forget about the uncertainties of the markets. If a trader’s set target is not achieved due to any factor, they have to bear the loss of investment that was avoidable. So to minimise the risk and maximise profits, traders should use a stop-loss order. 

Blindly Following Technology 

Traders are so involved in technology and the tools that they forget to use their brains. They totally rely on the machines, which can go wrong sometimes. To avoid such mechanical errors, traders should keep monitoring their investments and be regular with the trade. 

News and Updates

The markets of trade are highly affected by factors other than price, which leads to uncertainties in the market. The other contributing factors of the market other than price are news, information on trades, new releases and economical factors of the world. A trader has to be updated and alert about news and international updates to achieve the goal of trade. 

Lack of Education

Education about the trade is the primary thing a trader should know, without which a trader can fail in every sector of the business. Getting updated about the trade at the beginning and with time will aid traders in their difficult trade decisions. Investors can read articles, know about professionals’ trade practices, and keep the basics of trade always clear in mind. 

Risking more than Affordable

Traders, in their happiness of a win or excitement, invest more than they could actually afford. But, if they fail in their investment, they face huge losses, which are not bearable. So, traders should invest that much, which could be handled. 


Brokers offer their clients a leverage ratio that investors use in their trade. It is a kind of loan that investors can use as per their requirements to have a high position in the market. However, overuse of leverage could be hazardous as with leverage, the risk of loss also increases. If the profit is earned, then the profit doubles, but if the trader incurs a loss, the loss is maximised, which could be a huge loss. So, the leverage ratio should be used rationally. 


The forex and stock investments are profitable trades if executed with all the factors in mind. A trader has to plan, analyse, make strategies, and regularly take updates from the market to earn high profits. But, traders, in their hurry and excitement, neglect some key areas of the trade. All the above-discussed points are significant for a good trade. Therefore, traders should avoid making these mistakes and earn from the trades. 


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